House in a year

Its amazing how time can simply just fly by. I have been very lucky this past year to have a wonderful family, a great group of friends, an adorable son, and a roof over my head.

One year ago from today, I signed the papers for our house! Can you believe it!?!?!?

A lot has changed in a year with our house, and it defiantly starting to feel like home.

We started with the huge kitchen remodeling. Luckily, we did this before we moved in

The move was actually pretty smooth considering all the stuff I had to bring over!

Dealing with the noises of the night…was not as easy haha. Although setting up the cable, internet, and phone was more of a nightmare! We even had a visit from the cops.

The first MINI project after we moved in was putting stepping stones in on the side of the house

Of course we decorated for the holidays!


Christmas decorations

Added a few decorations to the upstairs bathroom



Of course, the easter bunny came to visit!


And then we decided to ripe apart the main floor bathroom, which started when the sink was leaking….and is still in progress


what will happen this year?!?!?!

Questions for you:

Do you like home improvement projects? Working on anything now?

How long have you been in your current house, apartment, condo, etc?

3 thoughts on “House in a year”

  1. We haven’t touched a thing in years…we finished out basement after baby girl #3…Hubs needed a ManCave….we are SO due for some updates, but gotta get the dog potty trained first! Looking at about a 5 year timeline…new floors, paint job….Whew!
    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary…wishing you MANY more!

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