Another house, and dog…and cat…

This title is probably not what you are thinking. Andrew and I are not moving,  getting a dog or a cat. But in the past 12 hours, we have come to have all three. My parents are able to go on this AMAZING trip to Paris. And as a result I’m stuck with this little guy, Riley.


 So far he hasn’t left my side once. (I think he is still wondering where my dad is!)

Not only will I be taking care of my house, water my plants and cutting the grass. I will also be doing this at my parents. My mom even left me this post it note under the plants in the kitchen haha

 Along with taking care of Tiger Woods (cat) and Riley. Well, we have made it 12 hours………we’ll see how this goes. It’s not looking good haha

The day started with a trip to the gym. I have to workout in the morning, otherwise, at night it would NEVER happen. Then it was time to head to the aiport. My parents will be traveling for almost 12 hours EEEEKKKK (but I’m still jealous!)

I also made them each a card that they had to read on the plane WHILE they were in the air

(part of my dad’s said “PLEASE. don’t wear socks with sandles” haha)

(part of my mom’s said “If you see something you like BUY IT! We can’t go back and get it later”haha”)

And a picture, just so they don’t forget what we look like 🙂

Question for you:

Are you traveling at all this summer?

Do you have any traveling traditions?

-If my family is going on a plane, I always write them a letter. I like that they have something fun to look forward to on the plane.

Food Stories Award

I hope everyone is having a great three day Memorial day weekend! I am at work 😦

But I still have something to talk about!

A few days ago, I was nominated by Nikki for the Food Stories Award. Thank you Nikki- She is so sweet 🙂

Food Stories Award for Excellence in Storytelling

I have to share one random fact about myself:

I eat my M&Ms in order of color from lightest to darkest. Yellows first, browns last. I have NOOOO idea why haha

Also, I had to nominate five people:
- Angela @ The Chicken Scoop
- Amy @ Proud Patriot
- Courtney @ Sweet Tooth Sweet Life
- Janetha @ meals and moves
- Hollie @ fueledbylolz

Go to this website if you were nominated!

Thanks again for nominating me Nikki!

Question for you:

What is one thing you are thankful for today?

-I am thankful for a great group of coworkers who make me laugh, smile, and cry (mostly the good kinda. You know, the laugh till you cry kind haha)

calling all lifeguards

Today was just one of those run around town kinda days.

It started with coffee, and a walk around the park with Andrew. It was a great way to start the morning. Followed by his baseball game.

Then it was pool time!!!!! The first of the season. And since it hit 95 billion degrees outside, it was perfect 🙂

I like this picture with the water in front of Andrew


Got a pedicure with my mom and sister in law

The boys joined us for dinner, where I had pizza and then ice cream. And I was doing so well on not eating junk today…darn it

My tree finally came home too! For my birthday, Andrew my mom got me a hibiscus tree. And then my mom got another for just ten bucks! My parents potted them for me, and  are now “home” on the deck. I love them, and can’t wait for them to bloom

Question for you:

What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?

Do you go to a pool during the summer?

Love notes

Sometimes all you need is love. It’s true.

It also comes in MANY different forms. I am lucky, that Andrew leaves little messages all over the place. For being six years old, this boy has a hold on my heart more than anyone else in my life.

He will actually be turning seven in two weeks. Yesterday, I told him that was sad. He responds “why” with a very confused look on his face. My response “Because you will no longer be a “baby.”‘ Without missing a beat he says “Mom. I will always be YOUR baby”. Insert lots of tears and smiles 🙂

So I wanted to share this note he made for me last night before he went to bed. He made me close my eyes while he quickly drew it on notebook paper. I don’t think I will ever throw it away.

Andrew ❤ Mommy

Question for you:

Who is that special someone in your life?

Today’s winner: Dinner

A lot of my blog friends, have a What I Ate Wednesday. Well I picked Thursday instead haha 😉

Breakfast: Oatmeal Pancake w/ bananas, PB, and agave nectar on top

Snack: Cucumbers, carrots, hummus, and grapes

Snack #2: Peanut butter filled pretzels (while watching Ellen and reading blogs. I’m a muli-tasker, what can I say? haha)

(notice dirty sock and orange dart? Neither our mine. Neither of them did I pick up haha)

Snack #3: Colby cheese and apple slices (obviously I ate lunch in 3 parts today haha)

Dinner: The winner of the evening Barbeque!!!! This was our first time grilling since last summer!! (the horror!)

We had hamburgers, sweet potato fries, and watermelon. It is starting to feel like summer! (along with the 95 degree weather- YUCK)

(3 plates you might ask? My mom came over to eat with us, since my dad is out of town)

Dessert: Good o’ ted drews 🙂

(huge ice cream. saving the other 1/2 for tomorrow)

Question for you:

What is something new/different that you ate/drink today?

What is your favorite snack?

Blog favorites

Happy Wednesday everyone! My day consisted of the gym, grocery store, reading, nap, and Andrew's baseball game. 
SOOO that is boring, instead I wanted to share some of my favorite bloggers that I read each day :)


This is the first blog that I began reading, which lead me to start my own blog. (along with lots of emailing with Hollie that I “met” on


Which brings me to Hollie’s blog! I love reading her blog for the humor! She also talks about running, swimming, and cross training. She is an AMAZINGLY fast runner!

Healthy Tipping Point

I started reading Caitlyn’s blog after carrotsncake. She talks about everything! workouts. eats. and she is now expecting a baby!

Life After Swimming

Nikki’s blog is amazing! Her positive attitude is contagious!

Chicken Scoop

Angela is such an inspiration! She just finished 2 months of the Insanity videos. We are also going to be running the FULL St Louis marathon together!

I read several blogs everyday that I love! I get workout tips, recipes, new books, and inspiration. Each blog and blogger is different, and I can't wait to find more and share them with you!

Question for you:

What is your favorite blog?

Do you have a blog?

 If so I want to start reading it!


Random Tuesday

I have a lot of random things to share with you!

The bathroom walls are finally up in the bathroom!

I went to Grant’s Farm w/ my sister in law and nephew. We first fed the goats, which jump on you to get the milk

My favorite, the parrots

My nephew liked the elephants

I had a special note from Andrew on the way to the grocery store

Yummy green monster (frozen blueberries, spinach, milk, protein powder)

And my goofy guy talking while I took his picture 🙂


Question for you:

What is one random thing you did today?

Double Jointed

well, well, where has the time gone! I have actually taken the past few days off. But, I have been reading my friend’s blogs. I just needed a break, a lot has happened this weekend. The good. The bad. and the plan O’ ugly. haha

I went swimming again on Saturday at the lake in New Town. I look forward to going, whenever I can actually make it! (darn work keeping me from the water! haha) this time, I went three times around the triangle for a totally of 1.8miles.

The first lap around, I tried to just “warm up”. Well….I ended up having a little bet with myself. I wanted to see how many people I could pass during that first lap. (8 by the way haha) So by the third go round, my shoulder was feeling a little tight.

I have ligament elasticity which basically means, I’m bendy. haha. That is how I explain it to my friends. You may have heard double jointed.

factsheet image

© 2011 Nucleus Medical Media, Inc.

I have hypermobility when it comes to my joints. “Symptoms of laxity are sprained ankles (I roll my ankles all the time. This might be why I fall all the time..) shoulder dislocations, knee effusions and back problems.”

I have all but the knee effusions. Touching the floor with your flat hands and touching your thumb to your forearm. I can even pop my right shoulder out of socket. (which, funny story, I was at the gym one day I was popping my shoulder out of socket, but didn’t realize I was doing it until I looked up to see a guy staring at me like what the heck are you doing!! Oh to freak out the people at the gym)

I will say I am not as impressive as this guy, but this never really seemed to bother me until I started swimming. And when I get tired, I tend to pull my right hand to my left shoulder when I am swimming freestyle (I cross over the imaginary line) which makes my shoulder hurt more.

(here is how the pros swim)

I found this out in highschool when I really hurt my shoulder, and had to do kick sets THE. WHOLE. TIME. It was fun for about a day, then I was over it.

Question for yoU?

This makes me excited for the London olympics! Will anyone else be watching?

Banned book

50 shades of grey.

 I really wasn’t interested in reading this book. From what I had heard, it just didn’t seem my type. (I usually read books like the Hunger games or Divergent, and even just finished  “Seriously I’m Kidding” by Ellen Degeneres.)

I absolutely love to read. As a kid, I was always reading. Then reading all those nursing books in college, I didn’t want to read another word! But I have found the love has returned!

When I heard about this book, I didn’t want to read it because it seemed well….raunchy. If you haven’t heard of the book, you can read a description here.

After a week or so, of EVERYONE talking about it. People at work. Friends. I knew I needed to read it.


I bring up  for one reason. I don’t want to tell you what I thought about it, because it doesn’t matter. But, I did want to talk about the fact that several places are banning the book. There are certain places that refuse to even stock it. And that really got me thinking. When did our country become a place where books become banned?

I first of this, when I was running on the treadmill while watching The View. They were talking about this too!

I am not in anyway saying everyone needs to read this book, but shouldn’t it be our decision?

There is actually a banned book week! Which happens to be Sept 30 – Oct 6.

A small list of banned books:

 -Alice in Wonderland was actually banned in China

 -Bible was banned in North Korea

– the Divinci Code was banned in Lebanon

-Green Eggs and Ham was banned in China (yummm what?)

-Frankenstein was banned in South Africa


I’m not trying to make a political statement, or promote the book, or say the book was horrible and no one should ever read it. What I’m asking is, should places be allowed to ban a book?

Question for you:
What do you think?

Have you heard/read the Fifty Shades of Grey?

Happy News

Today, started with a field trip with Andrew and his classmates to the zoo. Oh man. I don’t think I could be a teacher. I only had five kids in my group, but WOW I’m exhausted haha.

Andrew and I actually left straight from the zoo (skipping the lovely bus ride) to get to his ENT appointment. From November, he was always having ear infections or strep. We finally met with an allergist a few weeks ago, and today we met to talk about if he needs tubes in his ears, or his tonsils out. LUCKILY! We are thinking neither! WAHOOOOOOOOO

She said, we just need to keep an eye on him. I am so happy that at this moment he is doing so well, and hasn’t been sick in two months!

Now to leave you with a pinterest quote

And a found these old photos…..

Andrew when he first came home from the hospital

andrew at four months

Question for you:

What is your favorite animal at the zoo?