Green thumb

When I was growing up, my mom was always planting flowers. Pots, in the ground, in the front and back yards. She even has two trees that have to be brought in every winter (they are named Lucy and Ethel  from I love lucy haha)

Here is a picture of my first shift as a nurse, and you can see the huge flowers in the front of their house!

Now with a house of my own, I have tried to followed in her footsteps.

I am starting very slowly with potted plants 🙂

I even had the master come with me to the flower shop to pick them out! Since the front of my house gets sun pretty much all day we had to pick wisely, but I think we did a great job!

Even Andrew helped put the dirt in the pots.

Andrew wanted to get this little guy from Target, now he just needs a name

 I really enjoyed it! I might have to go get some more flowers 😉

Question for you:

Do you have a green thumb? or just enjoy gardening?

5 thoughts on “Green thumb”

  1. I try…most of the time the weeds win… I do need to get to work on my veggie garden…it’s currently out of control!

  2. I am really bummed this year. Rob and I moved into my grandmother’s old place and she always cared for her garden. I was hoping to take that up but with this semester being so crazy (and only being home 2 days a week), I had no time. I hope I can at least keep her amazing rose bushes going! My mom lives next door though so she has been keeping it up but I would really like to make it mine 🙂

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