Singing Out Loud

Tonight, Andrew and the other first graders in his school performed in their first Spring concert. They sang three different songs.

They all looked so grown up, and I couldn’t stop taking his picture!

My mom also got a picture of me and Andrew. He is getting so big! (and I had an excuse to wear my “kate middleton” dress haha)

Question for you:
Did you have spring concerts for your school?

Remember recorders?

Oh yea they played those last night! I remember them, I wasn’t very good….

4 thoughts on “Singing Out Loud”

  1. Haha, I never played a recorder but my aunt had one, she was a teacher so it was from her teaching days, lol. I always played around with it at her house, lol. Those pics of you and Andrew and of him and the other kids are super cute.

  2. So far we’ve had the 2nd grade musical, the 1st grade musical and in the next 2 weeks we have the middle school band and the middle school chorus!
    I played oboe in the band and orchestra….my parents attended MANY concerts!!!

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