Ya Ya’s birthday

Today was my mom’s 55th birthday! Of course the whole family meet over at the folks house to celebrate.

I made the spinach salad w/ cranraisins, almond slices, feta, straberries, and raspberry vinagerette

And the cake. Andrew helped to decorate 🙂

My son Andrew, and my nephew, Brian, had a blast playing together! They are buddies!

Well, I’m off to bed. Ok to read. I just a new book two days ago, and I’m almost finished! More on that later….

Question for you:

Cake, cupcakes, cookies, or brownies?

3 thoughts on “Ya Ya’s birthday”

  1. Cookies!!! LoL, they come in such variety. To me, all cake sounds the same after a while. Although, there is this awesome brownie bakery by my sister’s house that makes all different varieties. But I’m still sticking with cookies.

    The icing on that cake looks cool! Love the way it dribbled down the sides!

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