Banned book

50 shades of grey.

 I really wasn’t interested in reading this book. From what I had heard, it just didn’t seem my type. (I usually read books like the Hunger games or Divergent, and even just finished  “Seriously I’m Kidding” by Ellen Degeneres.)

I absolutely love to read. As a kid, I was always reading. Then reading all those nursing books in college, I didn’t want to read another word! But I have found the love has returned!

When I heard about this book, I didn’t want to read it because it seemed well….raunchy. If you haven’t heard of the book, you can read a description here.

After a week or so, of EVERYONE talking about it. People at work. Friends. I knew I needed to read it.


I bring up  for one reason. I don’t want to tell you what I thought about it, because it doesn’t matter. But, I did want to talk about the fact that several places are banning the book. There are certain places that refuse to even stock it. And that really got me thinking. When did our country become a place where books become banned?

I first of this, when I was running on the treadmill while watching The View. They were talking about this too!

I am not in anyway saying everyone needs to read this book, but shouldn’t it be our decision?

There is actually a banned book week! Which happens to be Sept 30 – Oct 6.

A small list of banned books:

 -Alice in Wonderland was actually banned in China

 -Bible was banned in North Korea

– the Divinci Code was banned in Lebanon

-Green Eggs and Ham was banned in China (yummm what?)

-Frankenstein was banned in South Africa


I’m not trying to make a political statement, or promote the book, or say the book was horrible and no one should ever read it. What I’m asking is, should places be allowed to ban a book?

Question for you:
What do you think?

Have you heard/read the Fifty Shades of Grey?

5 thoughts on “Banned book”

  1. Well, I can see why a private book store just wouldn’t stock it but that is just silly business practices when a book is so popular. But I agree, in the land of “free speech”, you would think we’d be more accepting of all literature, but people are just closed minded and refuse to give validity to any views that do not coincide with their own. While I have no interest in reading the book, I also will not oppose anyone who is interested in reading it for themselves. There is no harm in this book nor any of the other ones you listed. I get concerned when speech is used to promote violence or hate against other people but there is a fine line between taking away people’s rights and protecting others. Typically, it is the ideas and values which people are offended by in literature. It could be skewed that those *ideas* could influence the behavior of people. For example, a young teen could read this book and then suddenly decide to go out and get pregnant? So plausible right? Exactly, its not going to happen. In the case of literature, no one is going to be harmed from reading this book or any of those others, no matter how you skew it!

  2. I won’t read it, but I don’t think that I should make the rules to tell others not to read it. I think it’s a choice. Just like music. I don’t like the kind that has explicit lyrics. So I don’t listen to those stations. I also don’t allow my kids to listen to it, nor would I allow them to read a book that is not at their level of understanding or fits into our values….But I don’t think that I would advocate for banning….Even if a small mom and pop store won’t carry it, if someone wants to read it, they’ll just get it somewhere else.
    In fact, I was at the library yesterday and they have a sign posted by the checkout – “Anyone have a copy of Shades of Grey to donate?”…

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