Double Jointed

well, well, where has the time gone! I have actually taken the past few days off. But, I have been reading my friend’s blogs. I just needed a break, a lot has happened this weekend. The good. The bad. and the plan O’ ugly. haha

I went swimming again on Saturday at the lake in New Town. I look forward to going, whenever I can actually make it! (darn work keeping me from the water! haha) this time, I went three times around the triangle for a totally of 1.8miles.

The first lap around, I tried to just “warm up”. Well….I ended up having a little bet with myself. I wanted to see how many people I could pass during that first lap. (8 by the way haha) So by the third go round, my shoulder was feeling a little tight.

I have ligament elasticity which basically means, I’m bendy. haha. That is how I explain it to my friends. You may have heard double jointed.

factsheet image

© 2011 Nucleus Medical Media, Inc.

I have hypermobility when it comes to my joints. “Symptoms of laxity are sprained ankles (I roll my ankles all the time. This might be why I fall all the time..) shoulder dislocations, knee effusions and back problems.”

I have all but the knee effusions. Touching the floor with your flat hands and touching your thumb to your forearm. I can even pop my right shoulder out of socket. (which, funny story, I was at the gym one day I was popping my shoulder out of socket, but didn’t realize I was doing it until I looked up to see a guy staring at me like what the heck are you doing!! Oh to freak out the people at the gym)

I will say I am not as impressive as this guy, but this never really seemed to bother me until I started swimming. And when I get tired, I tend to pull my right hand to my left shoulder when I am swimming freestyle (I cross over the imaginary line) which makes my shoulder hurt more.

(here is how the pros swim)

I found this out in highschool when I really hurt my shoulder, and had to do kick sets THE. WHOLE. TIME. It was fun for about a day, then I was over it.

Question for yoU?

This makes me excited for the London olympics! Will anyone else be watching?

5 thoughts on “Double Jointed”

  1. I will be watching :). I love Olympic years but especially the summer Olympics :). Yay that you went swimming too, such a good sport and cross training activity!!

  2. I do turn into an Olympic junkie.. sadly, this year we will be up at the cabin in the mountains for most of it w/o cable! We’ll have to rely upon network coverage… ;-(

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