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Happy Wednesday everyone! My day consisted of the gym, grocery store, reading, nap, and Andrew's baseball game. 
SOOO that is boring, instead I wanted to share some of my favorite bloggers that I read each day :)


This is the first blog that I began reading, which lead me to start my own blog. (along with lots of emailing with Hollie that I “met” on


Which brings me to Hollie’s blog! I love reading her blog for the humor! She also talks about running, swimming, and cross training. She is an AMAZINGLY fast runner!

Healthy Tipping Point

I started reading Caitlyn’s blog after carrotsncake. She talks about everything! workouts. eats. and she is now expecting a baby!

Life After Swimming

Nikki’s blog is amazing! Her positive attitude is contagious!

Chicken Scoop

Angela is such an inspiration! She just finished 2 months of the Insanity videos. We are also going to be running the FULL St Louis marathon together!

I read several blogs everyday that I love! I get workout tips, recipes, new books, and inspiration. Each blog and blogger is different, and I can't wait to find more and share them with you!

Question for you:

What is your favorite blog?

Do you have a blog?

 If so I want to start reading it!


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