Love notes

Sometimes all you need is love. It’s true.

It also comes in MANY different forms. I am lucky, that Andrew leaves little messages all over the place. For being six years old, this boy has a hold on my heart more than anyone else in my life.

He will actually be turning seven in two weeks. Yesterday, I told him that was sad. He responds “why” with a very confused look on his face. My response “Because you will no longer be a “baby.”‘ Without missing a beat he says “Mom. I will always be YOUR baby”. Insert lots of tears and smiles 🙂

So I wanted to share this note he made for me last night before he went to bed. He made me close my eyes while he quickly drew it on notebook paper. I don’t think I will ever throw it away.

Andrew ❤ Mommy

Question for you:

Who is that special someone in your life?

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