Cardinals photo shoot

Today started with an amazing pancake recipe, thanks to Angela! Recipe to come tomorrow 🙂

Then it was time for the gym. I went w/ 7 miles on the list. I really didn’t want to, but I wanted to make my training buddies proud, so I stuck with it. I didn’t go extremely fast but I did finish! (and trust me, I wanted to stop at 4, 5, and 6 miles haha)

The day concluded with the Cardinals game 🙂

Only 103 degrees at 7pm. No big deal

We stayed cool with ice cream

And lots of funny pictures

Well, one normal one haha

Question for you:

Is it hot where you are ?

It hit 109 degrees yesterday!!!

7 years in one post

Today, Andrew and I met his dad at JcPenny’s for some family photos! We have been doing this since Andrew was just a month old, and each year in June we get pictures. I can’t wait to show you this years! We will have to wait till July……

Hospital Picture 9lbs 6oz!

2 month. This is the outfit he came home in (above) it barely fit at 2 months haha

6 month

1 year

1 1/2 years

2 year

3 year

4 year

5 year. My favorite picture

I can’t find the 6 year… but I’ll work on it!

Question for you:

What color should we wear next year? haha This year we choose green.


Circuit Training: Week Five

Yesterday, after working a 12 hour shift, I agreed to meet Annie (a mom from my son’s school) to work out at the gym at 8pm!!!!. I also think she is trying to kill me with all the hard training sessions! haha

I almost thought about canceling, but I don’t like to disappoint others, so I made it! I am really liking this workout buddy system, because #1 I workout harder when she is there and #2 I don’t skip workouts when I know she will be there waiting for me

Here are some of the workouts. Some I didnt know the names, so I just wrote the discriptions

side plank w/ dips:

Teasers: Like this from spark people


Question for you:

Would you rather do strength training, cardio, or a mixture of both?

Tuesday Randoms

My day was a little bit all over the place. But that keeps things interesting 🙂

Tiffany, Angie and I have been emailing about this marathon. Of course, I found this and immediately thought of them

How about something funny?

I can’t believe how awesome the bathroom floor looks! My brother put the grout down today, and I will seal it Thursday. Then the rest of the walls and trim will go up 🙂

I had this “little friend” visit me. It scared me and was HUGE! The size of a sand dollar

I get to take care of these tomorrow….Wish I could stop my mail so I don’t get bills anymore haha

Perfect snack after an awesome workout! Thats right! I worked 12 hours than went to the gym (more on that tomorrow)!

This stuff is awesome!

Question for you:

What is your favorite post workout snack?


This weekend, Andrew and I went camping with his boy scout group. We had an AMAZING time and thank goodness it wasn’t too hot.

We started by unpacking the car. And here is our tent

Meeting up with the other scouts

Then we split up to the different activities. Andrew’s favorite was the bb guns. Mine, was the pool!

Here is our site

There were also some great places for the kids to play

The boys all had an amazing times, next time we will be bringing our own tent that ZIPS! haha. One mom and son had a raccoon visit them during the night! We also found one tick on Andrew, but I’m glad that was all we found. Andrew wasn’t much of a fan of getting up when it was a little cold outside.

Question for you:

Do you like to camp?

Where you a boy/girl scout?

-I was a girl scout till about 4th grade



Circuit Training: Week Four

This week I met with another mom to start week four. And man, we were both feeling this workout, We both agreed we workout MUCH harder when the other is there. I love working out with her, so I hope we keep doing this! We have plans to do it separately on Monday (since I work) and then regroup Friday! I can’t wait 🙂

10 min work up  
3 min run *jump rope (1.5 min)*lunge with weights or med ball and twist and turn (1.5 min)
3 min run  *Bank under feet that are hip width apart, lateral raises(1.5 min)* Pushup side planks-raise arm up to sky (1.5 min)
3 min run  * Plank and raise alt legs, hold for 3 sec (1.5 min)* Side plank raises (1.5 min)
2 min run  * Burpees (1 min)* Wall squat (1min)
2 min run  * Triceps on ball (1 min)* Chest presses (bar, lifted behind neck, raise bar up and down
1 min run  * Elbows on ball in plank position (1 min) 
1 min run  * Plank (1 min)
10 min cool down   

I also saw this video on healthy tipping point, you should check it out! It is about the first woman who registered for the Boston Marathon under her initals, and was almost physically pulled out of the race! She ended up finishing. It still took 5 years for woman to be able to register for this race. And to think, this happened in 1967!

Question for you:

What was your first race?

– I ran a 5k VERY close to home. I walked there! This was three years ago 🙂