Sea Shephards

The first day of summer break for Andrew, started with 50 degree weather. AHHH WHAT! Well we still had a great day with Andrew sleeping in till 8am- it. was. awesome.

I headed to the gym and then Andrew and I shared a green smoothie.

I am so glad that Andrew loves this drinks. I have trouble getting him to eat veggies (just like his mom haha). Today he even asked what the green specks were…um……….

Today we stayed at my parents place, and I noticed some bananas that had seen better days. Just perfect from banana bread! (recipe to come tomorrow)

Do you see the paper underneath the ingredients? well those are the instructions for the PETS for the week my parents are gone. OHHH geez. I found 3/4th of them hilarious. For example: Play outside with Riley for ten minutes every hour, but only if it isn’t too hot. hahah. Apparently, my mom told my dad to be EXTREMELY detailed on the instructions. Job well done Dad 🙂

I also took this picture, to email to my parents that the pets are alive and well haha.


Another discovery today, was Whale Wars on Animal Planet. Andrew and I just happened upon it this afternoon. And we couldn’t stop watching. The show is about the Sea Shephards that protect the waters around Antartic from Japanese ships that are killing a 1,035 whales each year!!

 It was amazing to watch what these men and women go through to find the whaling ships, and stop them from killing whales. They use several means to stop them, and the Japanese push back to get the activists to back off.

The Japanese state they are killing the whales for research, that they are taking tissue samples. This season just started tonight, and the Japanese ships were given 29 million dollars from the tsnumai relief last year, to use for security in the process of killing and selling whales.

Side note: I am not the type of person to speak out. I have not seen Food Inc, because I know that animal cruelty is surrounding all of us. I know this is sad, but true, and I know I am not the only one. It can be easier to ignore it. if I don’t see it, it doesn’t happen. BUt that is SOOOOOO untrue.

While watching this show (well about 6 episodes) I felt so strongly about this cause. The days these men and women are going through to save the whales. One of the ship captain, Paul, said “if the ocean dies, we will die with it”. I just wanted to share this story. I know that Andrew and I learned a lot today.

Question for you:

Do you feel strongly about any campaign/activists out there?

I am not here to lecture or say anyone is doing the right/wrong thing, but this definitely something that I didn’t know that was happening in our world today. It made me think really hard about what is important, and I will be doing more research on this and more. I would love to hear your thoughts on this or other issues. you can also email me if this is too public to comment here.

3 thoughts on “Sea Shephards”

  1. I knew about the whaling problem already and you have no idea how upset it makes me. I was getting upset just reading your blog! But I am also upset because I feel helpless like there is nothing that can stop them.

    On a happier note, yay for summer break!

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