Parade, Picnic, and fireworks

Do you know who turned 7 this weekend!?!?


A year ago, he had some pretty fancy pancakes. Unfortuantly, I didn’t get to spend the whole day with him, so this year was ExTRA special ❤

And he was able to spend the whole day Saturday, with his friends at their school picnic.

The day started with a parade. That is Andrew in the orange with the Cardinals hat


Look at all the kids!

Then it was time for rides

We started with the Moby Dick. He only rode this twice and was NOT his favorite haha. He is in the red all the way on the left

The slide was his favorite 🙂

He is in the red shirt on the ferris wheel

The night ended with fire works.

After a 12 hour day, we were beat. But when we headed to the raffle for the give away, I felt like I was going to pass out. Two names were drawn, those kids weren’t there, but then they picked Andrew’s name!!! I couldn’t believe it! He picked the big blue toad 🙂

And then it was time for bed!!!!!!

Question for you:

What did you do this weekend?

Do you like carnival rides?

-I’m not a huge fan, but will go on them if I am at Six Flags.

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