They’re home!

This weekend my parents finally got home from Paris! I’m not sure, but I think I was the MOST excited to see them.

The whole family got together on Sunday night for Andrew’s birthday and to hear about the trip. It was a great night!

It started with a homemade angry birds cake. Complete with lego candles and angry bird pencil toppers

I love getting everyone together. Although Andrew is the only one paying attention in the picture haha

After Andrew opened his gifts, my mom handed out presents! My younger brother got a shot glass (he collects them from around the world). My older brother got a french cookbook (in French and with their measuring system!) The kids got soccer jerseys, and my sister in law and I got scarfs! My mom said they were everywhere!

I picked the pink one and also the green poka dot

The girls also got this compact. I have never owned one, and the top is absolutely gorgeous and its PINK!

Question for you:

Where did you travel that was the farthest from home?

-Ireland for me 🙂

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