Growth Chart

I found this project on pinterest, and I thought I could finish it on the two weeks I had off work.

I went to Home Depot (my favorite place) and picked up a 1x8x6 . I then stained it with about three or four coats. Then I followed the Naptime Decorator and 517 creations who finished the project.

After I stained it, I grabbed a ruler, tape measure, pencil, and permanent marker. I then printed off the numbers 1-6 in Century font in the size of 200.

I started the bottom at 10inches, because the board will not rest on the floor. The other websites started at 6inches.

Every inch, I used my ruler and pencil to make the markings. I hope these pictures help a bit!

The “quarter” lines are two inches long. The “eighth” lines are one inch. The number lines are 2 1/2 inches long.

For the numbers, I traced them over the wood, removed the printer paper and used the permanent marker to outline and fill them in.

I am REALLY happy with how this turned out. It didn’t take very long and I can’t wait to get it on the wall.

luckily, we have been taking Andrew’s height at my parents house, so I can move it over when the growth chart gets on our wall! As soon as the bathroom is finished, it will hang on this wall into the kitchen.

Question for you:

Did you have a growth chart growing up? Do you do this for your kids?

4 thoughts on “Growth Chart”

  1. That’s so cool :). I had an area where my mom wrote my height on the wall and the date, but this is neat because you can take it with you if you move or you can repaint the room without “erasing” the chart.

  2. My parents had a giant paper green bean (I think I got it in Kindergarten from some Green Giant promo) and it hung on the inside of a closet door. We always marked it at the start of school, our birthday and the end of school. It was awesome. When my kids were little, I bought some really cool velcro growth charts – they had velcro frames to put their pix on it and arrows to write the date and how tall they were. I never used them. Stinks on me…We don’t have one anywhere for any of the girls. So now I feel like it’s almost too late. My oldest will stop growing soon!!!

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