This thing called running…..

Angela, Tiffany, and I started talking about this little thing called a marathon. In November, I signed up and I was actually really excited!!! Now, in June. I’m nervous. What if I can’t do it? Tiffany and Angela are coming all the way to St Louis just to run!

Well yesterday, after MANY emails with Angela, I started to get really nervous. And then I decided I needed a plan. I went to Hal Higdon’s website for a running plan. All the way to October and the MARATHON!  This plan goes all the way up to 20 miles!!! AHHHH WHATTT! The longest I have ever gone is 13.1. now 20 miles…that’s just insane.

Marathon Training Schedule: Novice 1
Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
1 Rest 3 m run 3 m run 3 m run Rest 6 Cross
2 Rest 3 m run 3 m run 3 m run Rest 7 Cross
3 Rest 3 m run 4 m run 3 m run Rest 5 Cross
4 Rest 3 m run 4 m run 3 m run Rest 9 Cross
5 Rest 3 m run 5 m run 3 m run Rest 10 Cross
6 Rest 3 m run 5 m run 3 m run Rest 7 Cross
7 Rest 3 m run 6 m run 3 m run Rest 12 Cross
8 Rest 3 m run 6 m run 3 m run Rest Rest Half Marathon
9 Rest 3 m run 7 m run 4 m run Rest 10 Cross
10 Rest 3 m run 7 m run 4 m run Rest 15 Cross
11 Rest 4 m run 8 m run 4 m run Rest 16 Cross
12 Rest 4 m run 8 m run 5 m run Rest 12 Cross
13 Rest 4 m run 9 m run 5 m run Rest 18 Cross
14 Rest 5 m run 9 m run 5 m run Rest 14 Cross
15 Rest 5 m run 10 m run 5 m run Rest 20 Cross
16 Rest 5 m run 8 m run 4 m run Rest 12 Cross
17 Rest 4 m run 6 m run 3 m run Rest 8 Cross
18 Rest 3 m run 4 m run 2 m run Rest Rest Marathon

Deep breath.

I also got a TON of help from Angela who is making her “plan” more about intervals, long runs, and strength training, but not ALL about running. Which has helped a lot because I really don’t like running haha

It is true. If you would ask me to go on a run, I would. But I would much rather be swimming or biking ANY DAY.

So this morning, I knew I needed to get OUTSIDE and run. Lately, I have been doing more intervals on the treadmill. 3 miles later, I was a sweaty mess, but I still felt pretty good.

Then I tackled the bathroom. Remember we are remodeling in there?!?! oh yes. we are in the mudding/sanding phase. I. Hate. This. Part.

I also was sompletely covered in dust. Several hours later, it was time for a shower!

nope I’m not that pale, that is all dust!

So for the marathon training, I am just going to take it one day. one week. at a time.

Question for you:

What is the longest you have run?

What is your favorite distance to run?

9 thoughts on “This thing called running…..”

  1. You can do it!!!! I do love the half marathon…it’s a great distance…I did a full back in 1995 (San Francisco!) so I was WAY younger…(like you are now!) Remember, I’m OLD compared to you and Angela!!!! I have a training plan that my hubs set up for me…going to try to follow that, but yes, the 20 mile training run is a bit scarey sounding. See if you can find some friends who will run parts of it with you. That way, you’ll have company and it won’t seem so long when the company changes every several miles. We do that here. We have a 4 mile loop we will run over and over (I’ve only done 12 miles around it in the past) and sometimes one of us will run the first few loops and another will run the last few loops when someone is training and needs to do a 20 miler….get creative! It will be awesome come Oct!!!

  2. I really like 10Ks and 12Ks. I feel more accomplished than a 5K, but I don’t really have to train in order to finish with a pretty good time. I like what Tiffany said about finding people to run the long runs with you, even parts of them like if you have a partner for the first half of a run, at least that makes it more bearable (or the 2nd half, at least you know you have someone waiting for you). Good luck with your training!

  3. My longest run was 14.1 miles! Give or take. At my first half marathon, I was having the WORST time that when, at an out and back, I saw my friend running (who was about a mile behind me), I actually turned around with her. I needed the moral support!

    And yay for going for a run!!! And I’m terrified too. I think I am going to just look at 1 week at a time. I am usually a “let’s look at the whole plan” type person but Id on’t think I can handle that. This week, I want to run at least 3 times! Let’s do this!!!

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