If you run, you can paint

I had to SERIOUSLY kick myself out the door and put these on

I did NOT want to go running. But I told myself if I did, I could then paint the bathroom! which I was really excited about

The run was ok. I felt fine, but it was SO hot! I just went out for 3 miles. Sometime this week I need to do 6 for the marathon training. But I’m not sure I can make it. I either will have to run before work (at 430 am in the dark, by myself) or at 9am when andrew is at camp (and its a hot humid mess outside) HELP!!!! Or I guess I could do it on the treadmill too

other Bad news, my new camera I got for CHRISTMAS, the lens will not open. So my camera wont work 😦 So I am using my old one

Question for you:

How do you run in this heat?!?!?

seriously, I thought I was going to die, and it was only 3 miles and 85 billion degrees


8 thoughts on “If you run, you can paint”

  1. early morning…then it’s done. I don’t have it hanging over my head. My hubs would rather run later in evening when it starts to cool down, that’s when I start thinking about bed, not working out! He’d rather sleep in than get up and run…so we are opposite on that one…
    Love the color of the bathroom! If my suitcase seems big when I come out there in Oct, it’s because I’m moving in!!! You’ve made your home so beautiful and cozy, I just might not want to leave!!!! 🙂

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