4:30 Am workout

I try to keep my promises whenever I can. I happen to be the middle child, and have this thing about making everyone else happy. So when I told Angela I needed to run 6 miles this week, I needed to keep that promise.

Today was my only day available (circuit training tomorrow) and so I had to get up at 430 am to get a run in before my 7am shift.

I was surprised to find 430 AM wasn’t so bad. This NEVER happens. Unfortuantly, my legs were still tight from yesterday’s workout (that will teach me not to stretch)

429 Alarm goes off. Silenced

430 Alarm goes off. Silenced.

431 Alarm goes off. Roll out of bed

432 Get dressed, eat 1/2 banana and PB

436 Head out the door

445 Start running. Yawn.

The rest of the run went from feeling good, to having tight calves. Eventually, I had to give in. My body was just NOT having the six miles and my time was running low so I could shower, eat, and get to work.

I killed two birds with one stone and ate breakfast, while checking emails. Then it was off to work!

I guess 4.5 miles is better than nothing, but not as good as 6….maybe next time! Here is proof, with my sweaty face and all haha

Question for you:

Would you rather work out in the morning, middle of the day, or night?
-I have to get it out of the way ASAP or it just doesn’t happen

7 thoughts on “4:30 Am workout”

  1. I like getting it over with but I’m usually pretty tight in the morning. And what about long runs?? How can you have time to eat and let it digest and then go run for 2 hours? Hopefully by October, I’ll have an answer for that… Hooray for getting out there! I am doing my 6 this weekend!

  2. I’m usually a morning person unless I’m doing a group fitness class or something, because most of those are in the afternoon. But I’m more of a morning runner, I would say. Glad you got a run in even if it was super early!

  3. Good for you! Glad you got out there and did some…I was out there yesterday at 5 myself….came in SOAKED with sweat. My clothes were all soaked. Every.last.bit.of.them. 5am and 80* not fun!

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