I am my mother’s daughter

SOOOOOOOO remember the bathroom and how I was painting it ALLLL last weekend.

Well, I changed the colors. I know. I know.
But I woke up today, and noticed why I loved the colors.

They look EXACTLY like Andrew’s room. Blue and tan.
The look I ORIGINALLY wanted was an off white with a blue grey accent wall. Kind of like this..

So it was back to the paint store. After several options later….I left with TWO blues and one white
Now this was before and after

Much better right?!?!!? Well in person it DEFINITELY is. I already have the approve from my dad and friend Annie. My younger brother Michael (who helps with ALL my projects) was not to happy when I texted him this morning I was changing the colors.

He is laying the tile tomorrow! Maybe he is afraid I will change my mind on that too. I guess anything is possible!

Question for you:
What is your favorite color?

-obviously mine is tan and blue haha. No really, I like pink a lot

What are you doing this weekend?

3 thoughts on “I am my mother’s daughter”

  1. In my home, we have only picked out colors for our master bedroom…the rest are still from the previous owners…I know…it’s just out of laziness…I will change them soon! (we’ve been here 11 years!) The colors I picked are earthy tones, brownish-caramel and a dark tannish with grey-clay tones, it was called “earthy cane”… I’d love to do my downstairs in earthy colors…just need to wait until it’s time to re-do the floors and make sure the tones match!
    This weekend…it’s sleepover party night for my 10 year old, tomorrow is baby shower, Sunday is soccer team party…whew, I’m tired just thinking about it!

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