Circuit Training: Week Four

This week I met with another mom to start week four. And man, we were both feeling this workout, We both agreed we workout MUCH harder when the other is there. I love working out with her, so I hope we keep doing this! We have plans to do it separately on Monday (since I work) and then regroup Friday! I can’t wait 🙂

10 min work up  
3 min run *jump rope (1.5 min)*lunge with weights or med ball and twist and turn (1.5 min)
3 min run  *Bank under feet that are hip width apart, lateral raises(1.5 min)* Pushup side planks-raise arm up to sky (1.5 min)
3 min run  * Plank and raise alt legs, hold for 3 sec (1.5 min)* Side plank raises (1.5 min)
2 min run  * Burpees (1 min)* Wall squat (1min)
2 min run  * Triceps on ball (1 min)* Chest presses (bar, lifted behind neck, raise bar up and down
1 min run  * Elbows on ball in plank position (1 min) 
1 min run  * Plank (1 min)
10 min cool down   

I also saw this video on healthy tipping point, you should check it out! It is about the first woman who registered for the Boston Marathon under her initals, and was almost physically pulled out of the race! She ended up finishing. It still took 5 years for woman to be able to register for this race. And to think, this happened in 1967!

Question for you:

What was your first race?

– I ran a 5k VERY close to home. I walked there! This was three years ago 🙂

4 thoughts on “Circuit Training: Week Four”

  1. My first race was um…1995. Can’t remember what it was, it was a 10K out in CA.
    Keep up the great circuit training! You will thank yourself come October!

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