This weekend, Andrew and I went camping with his boy scout group. We had an AMAZING time and thank goodness it wasn’t too hot.

We started by unpacking the car. And here is our tent

Meeting up with the other scouts

Then we split up to the different activities. Andrew’s favorite was the bb guns. Mine, was the pool!

Here is our site

There were also some great places for the kids to play

The boys all had an amazing times, next time we will be bringing our own tent that ZIPS! haha. One mom and son had a raccoon visit them during the night! We also found one tick on Andrew, but I’m glad that was all we found. Andrew wasn’t much of a fan of getting up when it was a little cold outside.

Question for you:

Do you like to camp?

Where you a boy/girl scout?

-I was a girl scout till about 4th grade



1 thought on “Camping”

  1. The little boy scouts are so cute! I did girl scouts when I was little, and I really loved it. If I have kids one day, I think either of those would be great organizations for my kiddos to participate in. I love that that emphasize good values. (I once wrote a rec letter for a boy scout, so I looked up all the pillars/values of the boy scouts. Really good stuff!)*

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