PIYO and Giveaway winners!!

Man. I have been all over the place! Yesterday, I got up at 4:30 am again to complete Week 4 before my 12 hour shift. I felt great yesterday getting up early and all day I never felt sluggish. I think I found my new workout time haha. WHO AM I!?!?!?

I then went to my parents, and watched the Opening Ceremony with my parents and my “second family” the Cupp family, that have been my parents neighbors since I was 12. They are family to me, and have been through so much with me the past 15 years! We had a blast talking till 10. We just had to watch the United States walk into the ceremony.

They always look like they belong on a yacht. But, I guess that it just Ralph lauren’s style. What do you think of their outfit?

Then this morning, I meet Annie at the gym for a 15 run on the treadmill and then a piyo class. I haven’t taken a class at the gym for awhile. This is a combination of pilates and yoga. It was awesome! My legs were shaking the whole time, but there was also lots of stretching!




The giveaway was super easy! I had three people respond, so three people win! wahoo!!! Angela, Amy, and Tammy send me your address and I will let Goodbelly know ASAP so we can get you the vouchers! I love giveaways!! Email me at livinlifeinlouie@gmail.com 🙂

Question for you:

Did you watch the opening ceremony?

What sport will you be watching the most?

-swimming for me!! (I secretly hope Ryan Lochte beats Michael Phelps in the swimming events…we will see!)

Diving board

Today, was an extremely blah day. I did make it to the gym, I ran 2 miles and then biked 9. I felt great until about 1pm. I couldn’t get out of my funk! I’m worried that my vitamin D level is screwed up again. I just feel down and tired, but for no reason what so ever! I’m over that feeling haha


Andrew and I decided we needed to get out of the house. so we headed to the pool!!!

Andrew decided on his own (just yesterday) that he wanted to go off the HIGH diving board!

I was SO proud of him!

He is swimming like a fish!

Now I just need to get him to stop holding his nose…..

Any  suggestions?

Dont forget the giveaway!! you only have until friday night when I pick a winner!!

Question for yoU:

-At the pool, would you rather just sun bath, go down the slide, diving board, or the lazy river?

Giveaway: Goodbelly

I was contacted by Lindsey at Goodbelly about a great giveaway! In May, I had the opportunity to try GoodBelly and LOVED it.

Even Andrew (who is a picky guy) loved these drinks. our favorite was the pomegrante.

Not only will three lucky winners get a VIP voucher, but Goodbelly has a great new partnership!

Goodbelly is working with Whole Planet Foundation , a nonprofit company, working to alleviate poverty worldwide. Through July 31, GoodBelly will donate five cents from each qualifying product (except GoodBelly BigShot) sold at Whole Foods Market locations nationwide to Whole Planet Foundation.

Pretty awesome right!?!?! And we don’t have much time! Goodbelly has a line probiotic juice drinks  which replenishes the digestive system with beneficial bacteria and helps to establish intestinal microflora balance. GoodBelly’s products are dairy-free, soy-free, vegan and kosher.

All you have to do is enter, we will get you the vouchers, and you visit a store near you for goodbelly products, and the money is donated! Pretty simple 🙂

There are four ways to enter:

1.) Comment on this blog

2.) Start following my blog (click up on the right!)

3.) Retweet the giveaway (using @krissyswim16)

4.) Like Goodbelly or Whole Planet Foundation on facebook

I will be picking a winner on Friday!!!! So get your entries in, you can enter up to 4 times!!!

Mr Flowers update

I am feeling a little better after the past 48 hours.

Another situation that occurred yesterday, was Mr. Flowers was coming Tuesday-Thursday this week. On Tuesday, I received a text message very early in the morning that he wouldn’t be able to make it. I had a class from 8-12, so he knew I couldn’t talk.

The reason he isn’t coming is because his uncle died unexpectedly around midnight the night before. Of course, he needed to stay with his family, which I completely understood. Even though I was bummed he wasn’t coming, we are already making plans for another time. And considering the AC situation, it was probably best he doesn’t see me crying in the basement with my humidifier. hahaha

Good news, a few of my lillies that were sent from Mr Flowers are stil going strong. My house still smells amazing

I have a giveaway coming tomorrow- so check back in then!

Question for you:

Would you rather talk, text, or email someone?

48 hours can change a lot

The past few days have been a roller coaster. Mostly because my sleep has been nonexistant.

Yesterday was the beginning of it all. I had a really sick baby, and being the last of 5 shifts in a row, I was tired to begin with. Then on top of it I came to Andrew!! WAHOOOOO. Oh wait thats a good thing. The bad thing is he had a rough time, and had some tears. We chatted and he felt better.

Then at home, I found water in the basement. DEEP BREATH. geez.

I sat down, called my dad and brother and my dad came right over

There I was sucking up the water, in my scrubs, with flip flops on and tears running down my face. I was just beat and needed to get some ZZZZzzsss

Today the AC guy, Mr Mike, as I call him, came to have a look. He figured where the leaking was coming from, but the bad news…….the furnance/AC is 23 years old. So a new one is in the cards soon. Right now though, I was told by Mr. Mike, a funnel, tube, duct tape, and bucket will do the trick right now.

Doesn’t duct tape fix everything? haha.

Andrew’s use for duct tape.

I am very thankful for my parents who calm me down, reassure me that everything will be ok, and that they will be there for me if I need anything. Sometimes I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, and I need to step back and realize its just an AC.

to be continued…..

Question for you:

What do you do to relieve stress?

Just for kicks

I wanted to share a few things I have been reading, or I have seen around the internet world.

  • Tina from carrotsncake, went to California to see the Crossfit Games.

It really made me want to try this new fitness class. There seemed to be EXREMELY buff and athletic people there!

  • Caitlyn talked about the great smile debate. When you are running, and someone is passing on the opposite side to you smile, wave, look at the ground? She also had a great blog about mommy wars.


  • Andrew LOVES angry birds. MIght have to try this for our next barbecue haha

  • Funny

  • Cute

  • and touching. Sometimes, stepping back and looking at the big picture can make the world of a difference

Question for you:

– Anything random or interesting that you have read or saw lately?


Here we go again…

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I woke up at 420 am. WIDE AWAKE

I laid in bed thinking. Go to the gym? run outside? go back to bed? Go to the gym? run outside? go back to bed?

Well, heading to the gym won over. I mean who am I?!?! I always choose to go back to bed haha

At the gym I completed 3 miles on the treadmill and 3 miles (10 minutes) on the bike.

My legs were feeling really tight, so the treadmill was a walk/run. But at least I was there. With two other people 🙂

The whole day I didn’t feel bad at all for  being up that early. I think I might be becoming a morning person!! AHHHH! THE HORROR! haha

Today’s Eats:

  • Before workout snack: 1/2 arnolds thin, PB, 1/2 banana
  • After workout: 2eggs, sausage, peppers, american cheese. Coffee
  • Breakfast at work: PB and banana. Coffee
  • Snack: Apple
  • Lunch: Porktenderloin w/ ketchup. Salad. Watermelon. Vitatop
  • Dinner: Hot dog. Ice cream.

Question for you:
are you a morning/ night person?

what is your favorite time of day?

-Mine is about 7pm. Its right after dinner, when Andrew and I are winding down and getting ready for bed.

Keeping my promise

Todays, 12 hour shift in the NICU wasn’t bad at all. It was nice and steady. I sent a baby home. We had a little excitement, but nothing crazy. I got to work with A LOT of my friends, and we talked about Mr. Flowers. He was the talk of the day, and my blushing has yet to go away….

I made one promise to all of you. I would run today. And OHHH brother did I not want to. I didn’t wake up this morning because I didn’t end up falling asleep till midnight! working on 4 hours of sleep is NOT a good idea.

So I slept in, and decided after 12 hours, I would throw on my workout clothes and run 3 miles. That was my goal.


it was defiantly rough, and I wanted to quite, but I did it!!!! WAHOOO!!!

I felt gross, flabby, and out of shape. (maybe due to all the cake and ice cream recently) so I was glad I didn’t let the excuses get in my way. Then it was time for dinner and bed

Goal for tomorrow:

Eat as clean as possible. No candy from the dieticians office (its true. that is where the candy can be found in the NICU)

Question for you:

What is your goal for tomorrow?

What is one of your excuses reasons FOR working out?

-I feel SO much better when I do. Last week when I didn’t work out AT ALL. I was a crabby crabby lady! haha

Random 10

I hope everyone is staying cool! I hear the weather is all hot. hot. and hot. Oh yes, don’t forget the humidity. YUCK. just some random things today!

#1 I received this awesome shirt from Angela. She is so creative. and it is super cute!

#2 Angela and TIffany are my support for the marathon training. They will be running too! I have all my stuff ready to run tomorrow before work. Whether it is inside or on the treadmill

#3 There are two reason I haven’t been able to run outside. Andrew. He is still off school, and he is usually with me 24 hours a day. He doesn’t want to run 9 miles with me haha. And the heat. This is the next week in St louis…….gross

#4 Running outside can be really hard in this heat. I might end up like this…..

#5 Remember how I love to remodel my house? well so do my parents. This is their bedroom.

They actually HAD to tear down the ceiling, it was falling down.

#5 I have not been eating well AT ALL. Way too much left over birthday cake, and pizza tonight for dinner. maybe thats why I feel so sluggish?

#6 I’m also worried about my vitamin D. I am feeling tired in the middle of the day again, and not able to kick the feeling. I am still taking it and will get my labs checked again in a month and a 1/2

#7 The tooth fairy is coming again tonight. Visit #4. Andrew attempted to take a picture of it haha

#8 I love to plan. But then I get overwhelmed.

#9 A great paleo site that I just found on pinterest

#10 Tonight, I watched Law and Order SVU. Apparently James Van Der Beek (froms dawson’s creek) is the bad guy on the show haha. I now can’t take him seriously. Just waiting for Katie Holmes to crawl through the window haha

Question for you:

Did you watch Dawson’s Creek?

– I did. I still love Pacey more than Dawson

What is something random about you or your life?

Mr Flowers

Remember those mysterious flowers I received on saturday? Well. I will tell you what’s been happening.

I haven’t spilled the beans to anyone, until recently. Mainly because it is kindof strange…I haven’t met him yet, only talked.

My friend Chrissy, who has a son in Andrew’s now second grade class, started talking to me about this guy that she knows, lets call him T. At the time, I listened, but he lived in Texas……I didn’t persue anything.

Then, I receive a facebook message from him. I guess she had been talking to him as well. haha

She said, that even if there weren’t sparks. or it wasn’t a match made in heaven, we still had a few things in common. One of those being, we are both parents. She told me that he could just be another support person.

Ok. Lets get to the good stuff. We started talking in May. And since then have been talking everyday since then. Mostly, text messages. T has sole custody of his twin girls who are 4. And just so happen to have the same birthday as Andrew. T also has the same birthday as my dad. Weird.

He DID live in Texas, but now lives in Kansas to be closer to his family. (to all my friends, he does not have a southern accent haha) He works for a company trading stock. That is the most I can tell you, because the rest I don’t understand. I barely passed accounting. haha

Other stats, he is older. 36 to be exact. I just turned 27. He is taller than me 5’10. He drives a volvo. (and knows how to change a flat tire at night, with his two girls, without freaking out. how…I don’t know)

So for my birthday. The flowers. How did I get them from a guy I haven’t even met? Good question. BUT since I talk to him everyday, he knew how stressed I was about the party and getting everything ready.

 I told him I still had to get all the food and drinks, buy flowers (yea trader joe’s), and mop the first floor. He asked how he could help. (ummm you live 8 hours away, can you mop the floors haha) He said he would send flowers. I was at work and was like, “OHHH no. You don’t have to do that.” Later, some of my friends nicely told me “Kristen. It is OK for someone to do something nice for you. Something to help you”. ummmm apparently they know me well. Besides my brother completely doing my house, I rarely take help from others. Unless I need it desperately. So I agreed to flowers, and they are beautiful! My house smells amazing!

I also hope I can keep them alive till next week, because T is coming to St Louis. As the teenagers would say, O.M.G.!!!! haha

Question for you:
what was your first EVER date? boyfriend?girlfriend? relationship?

-I first danced with a boy I met at summer camp. His name was Elliot. We were pen pals for a while, but then lost touch. Funny to think about!