What just happened?

So remember when I told you that I hate don’t excerise before work. And for the most part will silence the alarm and go back to bed. Me + sleep = Happy Kristen

(when I google happy kristen…this is what showed up haha)

Well this morning, I have no idea what got into me, but I made it to the gym and I did week one of circuit training. At 4:30 am!!!!!! And then went to the grocery store

A few weeks ago, this circuit almost killed me. Ok, not really. But I was NOT feeling it. I think mostly because it was my very first circuit workout with my friend Annie. She DEFINITELY pushes me each and every workout. I feel like I am with a trainer each time! And I am already seeing results! My jeans are fitting better, along with my work clothes. Now to drop some of this size 12/14 clothes!!!!

This morning when I got to the gym, it was just me, a older gentlemen, and the guy who works there. Alright, so I can pretty much do and use whatever I want- AWESOME!!!!!!

I grabbed a ball, weights, and my favorite treadmill and got started. And let me tell you this workout was NOT impossible like that first week! I am getting stronger! WAHOOOOOO

The one thing I wish is that we would have taken our body measurements when we started.

Body Measurement

The scale really hasn’t changed (I think its broken) I decided that I don’t want to use it as my “weight lose tool”. I am now going to gauge my weight loss on how my clothes fit. And today I am going to take measurements. I know it isn’t the same as when we started weeks ago, but at least I will have them to compare for the future!

Question for you:
How do you measure your workout progress? Weight loss? clothes? Measurements?

What is your favorite song to workout to?

3 thoughts on “What just happened?”

  1. Yeah, if the scale changed it’s probably your body composition changing and gaining muscle, so you can’t really rely on it too much. Glad your clothes are fitting better and you’re feeling better. Morning workouts always make me super productive too!

  2. I take all sorts of measurements. They haven’t changed in months. But its nice to have them! I even have a hand held body fat calculator so I can see how that changes too (the actual number isn’t that important to me).

  3. measurements are the best tool…since body composition changes don’t always show on the scale! Good for you to see progress in your fitness…another great tool to use as an indicator!

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