Tomorrow is a new day

This day did not go as planned, and put me in a bad mood.

I was PLANNING on getting up early to go for a 3 mile run. Instead, I woke up in pain. My right calf muscle is in a knot! It hurts to walk down the stairs, I basically have to hobble down them haha. Damn gastrocnemius

I know why. I have been working my legs really hard for weeks, and the stretching has been minimal.

note to self: stretch!!!! It’s important! (annie and I have been talking that we need to add pilates or yoga to our workouts each week)

I also slept horrible and lead to neck pain. So I can’t look to the left. seriously, I’m falling apart!


OK. OK. on to the good stuff! enough complaining!!

My brother and dad worked all day getting the trim, chair rail, and floor boards put in the bathroom. It looks amazing!

I also had a dinner of ice cream.

It was perfect. I am now going to get a good night sleep. Run tomorrow before work. And go to work in a MUCH better mood, because tomorrow is going to be a good day!

Question for you:
what do you do when your day isn’t going as planned?

How do you turn your frown upside down? haha

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow is a new day”

  1. I just trudge along when I have a bad day. No use in dwelling but I’m pretty crappy at pulling myself out of it too. I just say “tomorrow will be better”.

    And as for the stretching, I just got a new Yoga DVD that I love! It is called AM Yoga (by Gaiam) and the “forward bend” routine is perfect for all those sore running muscles! It was $11 at Walmart.

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