Birthday # 27

A year ago, I celebrated my birthday with a small get together and got the best present ever.

After this weekend barbecue, it was time for a low key birthday. Today I OFFICALLY turned 27!

My day started out with pancakes with Andrew, and then my dad changed the oil in my car. A great gift too!

Andrew and I then headed to the movies to see Ice Age 4. It was really cute

Lunch time

and then the pool. Andrew heading down the slide

Finally, dinner at my parents with the family. I got a dehumidifier πŸ™‚

This is something I needed for my house, and my parents were nice to get it. (those things are crazy expensive! And I need one for Andrew’s allergies.)

Well there you have it. Another year. Weird to see how things changed from year to year….

Question for you:

What is your favorite birthday gift you can remember?

4 thoughts on “Birthday # 27”

  1. I have had some great birthdays…but two stick in my mind…one was in 2001 when my girl friends from back home surprised me and showed up at my house (3 hours drive for them!) And they took me out for lunch and some shopping…i was pregnant with my second baby and a visit from old girlfriends was just what i needed….the other special bday was the year i turned 40…those same girlfriends took me out for a weekend in philly…it was extra special since we went to a spa and on our way out of the spa on our way to dinner it started to snow…it was like magic! And they put up with me on crutches since i had a fracgured tibia…and they gave me a very special Brighton charm necklace…still one of my favorites!!!
    Glad you had a fun day!

  2. Happy birthday again!! Hm, I think this year was my favorite birthday. I try to be low key but I share my birthday with my sister who likes the attention and often wants to know what “we” are doing for “our” birthday. I would rather just hang around with Rob and no one else! And that’s what I got to do this year! Plus I got my fancy-schmancy camera πŸ™‚

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