Random 10

I hope everyone is staying cool! I hear the weather is all hot. hot. and hot. Oh yes, don’t forget the humidity. YUCK. just some random things today!

#1 I received this awesome shirt from Angela. She is so creative. and it is super cute!

#2 Angela and TIffany are my support for the marathon training. They will be running too! I have all my stuff ready to run tomorrow before work. Whether it is inside or on the treadmill

#3 There are two reason I haven’t been able to run outside. Andrew. He is still off school, and he is usually with me 24 hours a day. He doesn’t want to run 9 miles with me haha. And the heat. This is the next week in St louis…….gross

#4 Running outside can be really hard in this heat. I might end up like this…..

#5 Remember how I love to remodel my house? well so do my parents. This is their bedroom.

They actually HAD to tear down the ceiling, it was falling down.

#5 I have not been eating well AT ALL. Way too much left over birthday cake, and pizza tonight for dinner. maybe thats why I feel so sluggish?

#6 I’m also worried about my vitamin D. I am feeling tired in the middle of the day again, and not able to kick the feeling. I am still taking it and will get my labs checked again in a month and a 1/2

#7 The tooth fairy is coming again tonight. Visit #4. Andrew attempted to take a picture of it haha

#8 I love to plan. But then I get overwhelmed.

#9 A great paleo site that I just found on pinterest

#10 Tonight, I watched Law and Order SVU. Apparently James Van Der Beek (froms dawson’s creek) is the bad guy on the show haha. I now can’t take him seriously. Just waiting for Katie Holmes to crawl through the window haha

Question for you:

Did you watch Dawson’s Creek?

– I did. I still love Pacey more than Dawson

What is something random about you or your life?

6 thoughts on “Random 10”

  1. My maiden name is Dawson and Dawson’s Creek came out when I was in middle school. You can imagine how much I *loved* (not) that show… LoL

    So I did not run this morning because I felt like poo but I have my gym bag packed in my car for when the desire strikes!

  2. I’ve never seen Dawson’s Creek…maybe I was too old to catch onto it when it came out? hmmm…
    Got my run in this morning…it was still stuffy…5am – 78 degrees, heat index 84…same as yesterday! Even with the temp lower! YUCK! Today is a tad cooler with last night’s storm, but it is still heat index of 88…though not as bad as you, so I should stop complaining!
    Enjoy your day!

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