Keeping my promise

Todays, 12 hour shift in the NICU wasn’t bad at all. It was nice and steady. I sent a baby home. We had a little excitement, but nothing crazy. I got to work with A LOT of my friends, and we talked about Mr. Flowers. He was the talk of the day, and my blushing has yet to go away….

I made one promise to all of you. I would run today. And OHHH brother did I not want to. I didn’t wake up this morning because I didn’t end up falling asleep till midnight! working on 4 hours of sleep is NOT a good idea.

So I slept in, and decided after 12 hours, I would throw on my workout clothes and run 3 miles. That was my goal.


it was defiantly rough, and I wanted to quite, but I did it!!!! WAHOOO!!!

I felt gross, flabby, and out of shape. (maybe due to all the cake and ice cream recently) so I was glad I didn’t let the excuses get in my way. Then it was time for dinner and bed

Goal for tomorrow:

Eat as clean as possible. No candy from the dieticians office (its true. that is where the candy can be found in the NICU)

Question for you:

What is your goal for tomorrow?

What is one of your excuses reasons FOR working out?

-I feel SO much better when I do. Last week when I didn’t work out AT ALL. I was a crabby crabby lady! haha

5 thoughts on “Keeping my promise”

  1. Yeah for you! Hope you are getting some relief from the heat…we had another storm come through…I just heard today’s high (since it is raining, too…) is only 78…
    I also get cranky when I don’t work out. And I like to feel healthy, non-jiggly (getting closer!) and strong…makes me feel better about myself, more confident…

    1. high of 78 and rain!!! we don’t know what that is like in s louis haha. I definitely feel that way too when I work out. I wish I had more energy to do it, and didnt need much sleep haha

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