Just for kicks

I wanted to share a few things I have been reading, or I have seen around the internet world.

  • Tina from carrotsncake, went to California to see the Crossfit Games.

It really made me want to try this new fitness class. There seemed to be EXREMELY buff and athletic people there!

  • Caitlyn talked about the great smile debate. When you are running, and someone is passing on the opposite side to you smile, wave, look at the ground? She also had a great blog about mommy wars.


  • Andrew LOVES angry birds. MIght have to try this for our next barbecue haha

  • Funny

  • Cute

  • and touching. Sometimes, stepping back and looking at the big picture can make the world of a difference

Question for you:

– Anything random or interesting that you have read or saw lately?


8 thoughts on “Just for kicks”

  1. I have a friend who went to the CrossFit Games, too…you can read her blog at CaveGirlEats…. I have a Living Social Coupon for the CrossFit gym…I need to use it soon!
    The dog picture reminds me of my two beasts…when I’m not looking and they think I won’t catch them,they are both curled up together on the sofa…the other day, one had her head and paw resting on the arm looking out the window at the pouring rain…she looked so cute, but as soon as she heard me coming, she jumped down so I couldn’t even get a picture!

    1. i remember you mentioning her. I must check out her blog. and too bad you and angela aren’t staying longer. we could do crossfit together! maybe when I make a visit out there to you guys!

  2. I would love to try CF too! But 1) the gym is too darn expensive, 2) I don’t have the room to do it at home and 3) CrossFitters seem a little cultish about it (“There is no other way to work out!!”) which turns me off a bit. But like you said, they are pretty strong people! Its nothing new though, its just old workout moves made into a class with coaches. Having a coach would be nice though πŸ™‚

  3. CrossFit is super expensive here :(. Like, it’s over $100 a month! Back where I used to live it was $65 a month and you got a full gym membership (which included other classes like yoga, spin, etc) with it, so it was a steal compared to here! But it is definitely pricey and I really like running more. I did CrossFit for awhile for free with my company, who paid for it, but I didn’t like it enough to shell out the money.

    I love the angry birds ship!

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