Mr Flowers update

I am feeling a little better after the past 48 hours.

Another situation that occurred yesterday, was Mr. Flowers was coming Tuesday-Thursday this week. On Tuesday, I received a text message very early in the morning that he wouldn’t be able to make it. I had a class from 8-12, so he knew I couldn’t talk.

The reason he isn’t coming is because his uncle died unexpectedly around midnight the night before. Of course, he needed to stay with his family, which I completely understood. Even though I was bummed he wasn’t coming, we are already making plans for another time. And considering the AC situation, it was probably best he doesn’t see me crying in the basement with my humidifier. hahaha

Good news, a few of my lillies that were sent from Mr Flowers are stil going strong. My house still smells amazing

I have a giveaway coming tomorrow- so check back in then!

Question for you:

Would you rather talk, text, or email someone?

5 thoughts on “Mr Flowers update”

  1. I just entered the giveaway. Those flowers still look great too.

    I’d probably rather talk on the phone than text or email, if I can talk on the phone (obviously some places you can’t just have a conversation, like work). There’s just something about hearing someone else’s voice sometimes.

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