Playing catch up

Where in the world have I been!?!? I didn’t realize that I have blogged in three days. Maybe because a lot hasn’t happened, or MAYYBBBEE its because I have been working and then watching the Olympics WAYYYY to late.

Some things that have happened over the past few days…..

My parents are getting their bedroom put back together! It is starting to look great! (I know my dad is ready to be done. He is working non-stop)

Andrew is losing teeth like no tomorrow! But I’m glad he won’t be the only 2nd grader without teeth haha

I found this quote on pinterest as well

Mr Flowers update: For someone I haven’t even met yet, there is definitely a connection. I love talking to him and I can’t wait to meet him August 16. That is the plan right now haha

Question for you:

Which Olympic sports are you watching?

-I am watching swimming and gymnastics

Is it cooling down anywhere in this country?!!?!?

-It was 103 here!!!

2 thoughts on “Playing catch up”

  1. It’s cooler here right now (it was steamy when I ran at 5am!) and raining…so it’s only 74!
    I only watch when I happen to pass the TV when my kids or hubs are watching. The girls like the soccer, and they enjoyed the archery and some of judo, maybe? They will watch whatever their dad puts on! He’s been flipping between coverage and doesn’t really follow anything in particular. I’m partial to the track & field…I could watch them run and jump all day! Sadly, we won’t be able to watch much next week – we are going to the Mtns. and there is no cable!

  2. It’s not cooling down here, but this is SC so it never really cools down until October. Even then it’s still toasty sometimes. I’m loving watching gymnastics and swimming too but also rowing, that looks like fun but a great workout!

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