Red, Blue, Yellow, or Black

Today, I got a phone call from my dad, Home Depot called and my front door for the house just came in!!! Tomorrow we will go pick it up, and then I need to pick out a paint color. EEKKKK!!! After the birthday incident, the door hasn’t been the same.

Right now the door is black, as seen here

What do you think about the other colors:

Thanks to sherwin williams for their awesome website! You just download the picture and then select what you want to paint, then you insert the color. They aren’t EXACT colors, but you can get an idea of what it might look like.

Now I need your help!!!!

Question for you:

What color is your front door?

-my friends are all saying red, i’m leaning towards yellow…but who knows!

3 thoughts on “Red, Blue, Yellow, or Black”

  1. My front door is the color that they painted it (which matches the shutters and garage doors) when it was built in 1996! It is a faded Rust/Brick color – and our siding is pale yellow… My neighbors across the street just re-sided and put up new shutters and the colors they chose are what I would have done if we were re-doing! A Mocha siding with Black shutters and white trim…oh, well… I do like your current black door, Red is fun…I voted for Dark Green! No matter what color you choose, your home will be so inviting that it will attract friends!!!

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