Thursday Eats

A few days ago, I took off from blogging. I needed some space. I was a little busy, and needed to regroup.  I have been off with my eating and workouts lately.

So I took off and got it back together. Today, I made it to the gym. I walked 5 minutes for a warm up. Then biked 9miles, and hit the weights for 20 minutes. It felt great.

I also thought I would show my eats for the day. Just for kicks. 🙂

Breakfast- arnolds thin, PB, and banana with coffee

Snack- Apple while running to pick up the front door! (color to come soon!)

Lunch- leftover chicken quesadilla, and watermelon

Trail mix for dessert

snack: Peanut butter Pretzels

Dinner– Pizza (x2) watermelon and carrots


DessertStacy’s Pita Chips

Question for you:

What is something you ate today?

What is your favorite “go to” food?

-trail mix. Definitely!!!

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