We WILL complete week TEN

Last night I got a text from my friend Annie, saying she wasn’t sure she could make it to the gym this morning. I said OHHHH NO. we HAVE to go!! She is my circuit training buddy and I ALWAYS workout harder when she is there.

we headed to the gym for week ten

(we did week nine on Friday, that to come tomorrow!)

Andrew and I just hung out the rest of the day. I also primed the new front door!

And Andrew started soccer again! So off to practice we go haha

Tomorrow stay tuned for week ten! And here are some demonstrations from sparkpeople.com for some of the circuits!

Question for you:

What sports/hobbies did you have as a kid?

-In gradeschool, I played softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and I swam year round. How did my parents do that!!?!?!?!

3 thoughts on “We WILL complete week TEN”

  1. You are killing it at the gym! Awesome!

    I was in band from 5th grade and on. I still love playing my trumpet and the piano. I wish I had my own cello (played in high school). I only played soccer sophomore year of high school.

  2. I started playing soccer in 6th grade then in HS played volleyball, basketball and soccer. I also played oboe and took piano lessons from ages 5-16.

    Great job at the gym! Way to go….you are doing awesome!!!

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