Mom and me day: Magic house

Today, Andrew had a mom and me day. Between work, and just the hussle and bussle of life, we haven’t been able to just have a day for us.

After the gym, I grabbed an ice coffee

Andrew got a donut (not healthy. but its a mom and me day! haha)

Then it was off to the Magic House. If you ever come to St Louis, you MUST take the kiddos there. Basically, it is a place for kids to have fun with most activites being about science or just daily activites.

First up the vaccum. You place a ball in one place and it goes through the tubes, and out another based on the suction pressure.

Or you can drive a horse and buggy

Stand inside a huge bubble

Or climb and then slide

There are also multiple “stores”. This one was a pizza parlor

Of course, my favorite was when he tooked care of the babies

This is only a tenth of what they actually have to offer there. It is an amazing place~

After two hours, it was time for lunch! Pizza picnic

Then its time for legos and blanket tents 🙂

Question for you:

What is your favorite city to visit?

-I love going to ANY beach, but my favorite city is Chicago

7 thoughts on “Mom and me day: Magic house”

  1. It looks like you guys had a great time, and of course iced coffee is always delish :). Beaches are great and we have that here in Charleston. I don’t go to other cities much but I’ve been to a few places in Virginia and near DC for work, really liked those!

  2. I think that San Francisco is my fav….though there is also a ton to do in DC….that Children’s Museum reminds me of the Please Touch Museum in Philly…I’ve brought some of my girls there when they were younger…tons of fun!

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