Calendar or memory?

My goal for today, to get a billion things done. I made out a long list of things to get done by next week, because Mr. Flowers will be coming in town 🙂

  • Andrew’s singular
  • Sam’s
  • Dollar store
  • garden ridge (I heard they have amazing rugs!)
  • old navy shorts
  • Andrew/my hair cut
  • school clothes/shoes
  • Paint door
  • School supplies/pack book bag
  • return target/homegoods
  • Spray tan
  • Pay bills/file papers
  • clean the house

I started by painting the front door (its finished and getting put up tomorrow!!!!)

I then received a text from a work friend. We were suppose to meet at 10am at the park with all the kiddos. OOPS!!!!

This is why I have to make lists and my life is written down in my calendar!

I can’t remember what Andrew and I are doing three days from now, let alone a week. But I always have things as they should be. I always have to know where Andrew is going to be when I work.

Today, I ate horrible!!! Lets just say Mcdonalds, which I haven’t had in YEARS! So this weekend, I work, and I will be hitting the gym before my 12 hour shift. The only two things on my schedule (I double checked it already haha).

Question for you:

Do you use a calendar or use a mental calendar?

What is your plans for the weekend?

8 thoughts on “Calendar or memory?”

  1. I use my Google calendar on my phone as well as the kids’ school calendar on the fridge…MOST of the time, the items make it to the Google one…sometimes, though, I have been known to put it on the fridge, and not on my phone! Hubs can see the Google one, he doesn’t always look at the fridge one!

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