Going steady

Yesterday at my parents house, brought up a very funny topic.

My mom and I were just chatting, catching up on life during dinner (who knows WHAT we were talking about).

When my dad says “Wait. I thought you were going with that guy who is coming in town next week?!?!”

me “You mean going steady, dad?!?!?!” No we are just talking” haha

dad “I don’t even know what that means.”

mom “I am going to have to get my cheat sheet out to understand”

going steady, like in Grease!

I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. My parents grew up in the time of going steady and dating. Giving eachother letterman jackets, and class rings.

Now it is talking, seeing eachother, posting your status on facebook, and then you become serious haha. (don’t foget when you break up the FIRST thing you do is change your relationship status on facebook haha)

Does anyone else feel this way? My how times change

Question for you:

When you started “dating”, what did you call it?

6 thoughts on “Going steady”

  1. That is so funny! My mom and dad struggle with the “lingo” too…whenever they try to convey the status of my brother’s relationship they fumble with words…it cracks me up! I have to admit, that I don’t keep up with the common lingo either and when I ask my daughter what different words mean to her, (she’s 12, 7th grade) I try to make it funny to relieve the pressure…like I will tell her what it meant in “my day, (back in the nineteen hundreds…). Like one day she told me that a couple had broken up because someone was cheating on the other (in 5th grade!) and so I asked her what that meant…she said that the girl was talking to another boy…oh, the horrors!!!

      1. Andrew is the same age as my youngest…I’m sure by then it will all change! I just hope my older one will fill me in and translate for me by then!

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