It is up!

While I worked with the babies in the NICU, my awesome brother and dad put up the new painted and fabulous looking front door! (can you tell I’m excited!!)

Here are the before pictures…..

And the after…..

How about a side by side. Just because I love before and afters 🙂

I still miss the windows in the old door, but considering the rest of it was falling apart, I knew the door needed to go. But I still miss them…

Question for you?

-Where you ever so excited about something, and other people just didn’t get it.

I was so happy when my parents got the trimmer for me, or the dehumidifier 🙂

5 thoughts on “It is up!”

  1. I like the new windows in the new door…though I can see how you’d like the character of the old one…looks good, though!

  2. I love the new door! I get excited about a lot of little things that others don’t get excited about, haha. But that is a pretty door, so nice of your dad and bro to put it up for ya!

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