Time to start second grade

Today, the alarm went off at 6:30. It was time to get the little rascal out of bed (and me too) for his first day of 2nd grade.

I know that this summer has been hard, with the horrible heat, we really didn’t do much except head for the pool or play with legos. And I know Andrew was happy to see all his friends again.

The day started with breakfast, and getting dressed. All occurred with little fuss, but lots of eye rubs. We were both tired.

And then the photo shoot began!

Walking to school

Andrew’s dad came to walk with us

Trying to find his classroom

2nd grade!!!

It was alittle hard to leave. I will definitely miss him (and today was only 4hrs haha)

For me, it is always so hard to be away from Andrew. First, he is my little buddy. And to not be with him, or to be able to share his day together, never gets easier. But I know that he is having a great experience with all his friends. Even his best friend will be in his class! WAHOO!

Question for you:

– Did you have any traditions for your first day of school?

My brothers and I always had to stand in the same spot outside our house each year, so we (my mom) could see how much we changed. We also walked with about 10 other kids about a mile to school. It was a great way to wake up in the morning ( I didn’t always think that haha)

9 thoughts on “Time to start second grade”

  1. I don’t remember anything that we did as kids that was special – we walked to the bus stop to wait for the bus with all the other kids on our street. We went to a babysitter first thing in the morning for about 30-60 minutes for a while until about middle school, then we just stayed home between the time our parents left for work and it was time for the bus.
    My girls know they have to pose on our front porch for the first day of school pix. They even had the first day on the bus pix! I still have 2 on the bus, the other 2 walk to school. We have 4 schools in our town – last year I had a kid in each! This year we only have to deal with 3…yeah!

  2. I cried like a baby today when I dropped thomas off – he didn’t even want me to say goodbye really – no one can prove I cry and if you tell any one I will deny it ….

  3. Nothing special here. I went to Catholic school for K-6 and then switched (After several years of begging) to public school. I just remember my dad driving me every morning when I was in private school.

    And get this: The development NEXT DOOR to the middle school by my house has to ride the bus. They say its dangerous to have kids walking to school with all the buses driving in. I’m talking less than 1/4 mile. INSANE!

      1. The school I was in started off ok (K-2) and then went down the tube. It was in a crappy town and eventually, the town rubbed off onto the school. Also, being the smart kid who liked school in a class of 10 kids (8 of which hated school) lead to a not so fun elementary experience for me… And then I went to public school where I met Rob! In 7th grade! See, best thing that ever happened to me.

  4. Those pics are super cute :). School started for a lot of my friends’ kids yesterday but tomorrow for some. I love looking at first day of school pics.

    We didn’t really have any traditions for the first day that I can remember, aside from school shopping a few weeks before. That was always my favorite thing to do because we went to the nicer mall for it (longer drive), and usually my aunt took me and she helped me pick out way more stylish clothes than my parents did, LOL.

    And I think it’s awesome Andrew can walk to school. That wasn’t possible with where my school was (rural area) but the kids here can, of course it has to be a safe area though.

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