Holy Headache

The past few days have been EXTREMELY frustrating! My computer totally crashed! The only thing I could do was start the darn thing. Apparently I got this f’in major virus. Thanks computer geeks!

Deep breath. Well anyway, I have been doing this……

Bought a new external hard drive. Attempted to move all my files to it (who knows if they are all there). And then reload everything back on the computer, after wiping it out. (I think I need a new computer. AHH!)


OK. Well the happy news is, a few days ago I did get out and run! Like, OUTSIDE!!! I know, it shocked me too.


Since I am running this full marathon, I haven’t been able to train with Andrew at home. Now that he is in school, I can hopefully turn things around.

I dusted off my old running shoes….

And headed out for 3.3miles. It started out great and then the sun came out (and well, we just don’t get along. haha) I was one red, hot, and sweaty mess. But at least I did it! And it didn’t feel bad all

That night, my cousin called me to go to yoga in the park. I was all for it!!! It was perfect and hard! Just what I needed. I am so glad we went. This weekend, I plan to run while Andrew is at his dad’s.

Question for you:

Are you computer savy?

-I can figure out a lot, but not when it comes to hard drives, and changing programs…no thank you

What are you doing this weekend?

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