Science Center Camera Adventure

It was time to use a Groupon (I absolutely LOVEEEE GROUPON) I got one for a movie at the Science Center and since Andrew was off school, it was perfect!

After the gym, we headed to the show. It was great and hardly anyone  was there.

This is one of Andrew’s favorite

Of course, I messed around with my camera…

I had no idea it could do so much…..

Question for you:

What kind of camera do you use?

What camera would you love to own?

Wednesday Eats

I thought I would share (and I HOPED it would help me stay accountable!)

Breakfast: Almond Flour Pancakes

Mid day snack: Strawberries, grapes, and fruit dip (AMAZING!)

For lunch I couldn’t decide and stood by the frig for some time…

Eventually, I decided on a spinach and chicken taco

For dessert, yogurt covered pretzels

Pre dinner: pumpkin beer (its ok)

Dinner: Pork chop, sweet potato fries, and some fruity

dessert: piece of raisin bread

Question for you:

What is something you ate today?

What do you eat for a sweet tooth?

Pumpkin pie Oats

Pumpkin Pie Oats


-1/3 c oats

-1/3 milk

-1/3 c water

-1/2 banana

-1 egg white

-1/3 c pumpkin

-cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice

-toppings: cranraisins, granola, agave nectar, peanut butter


-Heat oats, milk, and water on stove top till it boils. Then lower heat and add remaining ingredients. Had goodies to the top and enjoy!

Adapted from sweet tooth sweet life

Weekend Wedding

On Friday, Tabor and I headed to my friend Heather and Brian’s wedding at the Lemp Mansion here in St Louis. It was the PERFECT night for a wedding.

First, we dropped Andrew off at my parents, and of course we needed a “prom” picture haha

man. I look REALLY happy haha

Everyone taking their seats, the wedding is about to start

The bridesmaids. I either went to highschool and/or college with these ladies

The groomsmen. Don’t they look so nice?!?!

The bride! I met Heather in highschool and we were roomates in college sophomore year

Heather and Brian are absolutely perfect for each other

You may kiss the bride!

The newlyweds!!

Tabor and I

And then it was time to dance!!!

And LOTS of pictures took place……..

my cousin jill and I
my friend brad and I
freshman year roomies
finally caught up with the beautiful bride

Time to end the night 😦

The view from our room. The view of the Arch was incredible

Question for you:

Would you rather a fall or spring wedding?

Indoor wedding or outdoor?

– I LOVVE outdoor weddings. But you never know what the weather is going to do

Scavenger Hunt

After my tests the other day, I needed to get out of the house! But I wanted to make it fun for Andrew to walk around the neighborhood. Lucky for me, I had pinned this scavenger hunt. It was perfect!

We started by gathering our supplies:

-Printable sheet


-Bag for items

– Camera 🙂

Andrew had so much fun, he wanted to do it again tonight. I’m going to try and find another savenger hunt to print 🙂

Question for you:

What fun activity do you remember as a kid?

– Remember rock school that you played on the front steps? But my favorite, was riding bikes in the alley with all the neighborhood kids after dinner until it got dark

Its time for fall!

The weather here in St Louis has been absolutely gorgeous! So long 100 degree weather- HELLLOOO 70s!! haha.

Today, I was cleaning and picking up the house (Mr Flowers will be here Thursday!) and I decided to get out the fall decorations

Apparently, I don’t have very many…..

The candles for the mantel

These fake leaves go great with our picture!

Coffee table

Dinning room table

And of course the wreath for the front door. Now I need to put a nail in my brand new door (eek!)

I also have visitors in a few weeks (hint: tiffany and angela) and want the house all fancy for them too! They are coming for the rock n roll marathon.

Question for you?

– Are you ready for fall?

– Do you like to decorate?

My tummy goes through testing

The past few days I have been either working, or prepping for tests I had today. Because of my stomach issues, I have been getting tests for this and that to try and figure out what is going on. The good thing- everything is normal. The bad thing- I have NO idea what happened.

So now, we will just wait and see whats next.

These armbands are becoming a fashion statement in our house….

My first meal after almost 48 hours!!! LOOOOVEEEE panera!

Walking  to get Andrew from school (I couldn’t drive today either)

Got this pretty picture on the way

A nice note, from a nice boy

me ❤ mom

I have an IV infiltrated/bruising, so Ive been alternating from ice, to a heat pack

thank goodness for green beans

Besides the IV problem, I had a good experience. I just hope I don’t have these tests for sometime…

Question for you:

– What would you get if you hadn’t eaten in 48 hours?

Getting out of the house

WAHOOO some relief!!! My stomach is FINALLYYYY taking a turn for the better. The pain is gone. Just some pressure!!

Today, I decided to get out of the house!

I grabbed my fabulous shades

cool shades

My road ID (just because I’m not feeling 100%, and you never know what might happen when you bike on the roads)

I didn’t go fast. I didn’t even keep track of the miles. I just wanted to get outside. Because winners never quit 🙂

road ID

Question for you:

What is something you have done recently, that made you proud?

-I stopped having a pity party, and got my butt out the door. (I just hope my body isn’t mad tomorrow)

My tummy makes a visit to the ER

Yesterday…oh brother. So many of you know from this post, that I have been having tummy issues. My ONLY symptom, is lower left pelvic pain. What could that be you ask? Only A BILLION things! haha.

Saturday, I had right back pain also (kidney infection?)  Sunday I was nauseous. (anything?) Monday I was awoken to HORRIBLE abdomen pain at 1am. (WTF!?!) After taking ibuprofen I was able to go back to sleep, and head to work. BIG MISTAKE. Around noon, I was bending over just to talk to the other nurses. (because that’s what made it feel better – DUH! haha)

Eventually, I realized I needed to they talked me into going to the emergency room.

I wasn’t happy to be there, but I knew that after four days, I needed answers. This just wasn’t because of the eating. Or if it was, I have never had THIS much trouble.

I was checked in pretty quickly, and changed into a lovely gown

They took some labs. And then I waited for an hour…

The doctor came in for about 60 seconds, and said I needed to get some blood work and if that was fine, I should be referred to a GI doctor. Then I waited another hour to get the blood drawn……

They drew blood, and started a normal saline IV drip. I had not eaten since 2pm, so I was glad to get some fluids. But surprising, I wasn’t that hungry

(500 ml/hr!!!!!! In the NICU, the highest ours will run on BIG babies is around 20!! crazy! haha)

I felt myself getting very tired. Having pain all day was taking a toll on my body and I was pretty much tightening all my abdomen and back muscles throughout the pain (hoping that would help!?!? good luck.)

I eventually watched The Proposal on my little ER tv. It made the time go by faster, and texting Mr Flowers.

Eventually, the labs came back. NORMAL!  (UMMMMM WHAT!) that didn’t make any sense. I finally was discharged at 9pm (4 hours after being admitted) And I headed to the nearest bread company for some soup!

today, I have been able to handle coffee, a popsicle, and a blueberry muffin. I also am in touch with a GI doctor, the next steps are still unknown.


Even though, I might be going through  a TINY bump in the road for me, I don’t forget 9/11. My problems are nowhere near the problems those families have faced over the past 11 years. And I will never forget that day.


Question for you:

Where were you when you found out about 9/11?

-I was in my highschool homeroom class. I had been in the towers only three months before on a trip with my cousins, aunt, and uncle.