Canon, I love you

Today was one of those days. not feeling well. sleeping a ton. not eating hardly at all. I even fell coming out of Sam’s carrying groceries (I have the scraped knee to prove it haha)

And then I come home to this……


Several months ago my camera (that I was given to for christmas) broke. The lens wouldn’t open and the zoom was acting up.

I called the GREAT AMAZING people at Canon. And they said, send it on in!!! So I did. And it came back already!!!

I was so incredibly excited

Then I read the first part of this later “since repairs were not performed on the camera”…..


Then I read farther…They are sending me a new refurbished one!!! And all new parts (CD, hook ups, battery, and charger)

I guess my old one was no good.

Of course, andrew and I celebrated with a photo shoot haha

Question for you:

What type of camera do you use?

-this is a canon Powershot ELPH 100HS

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