Mr Flowers photo shoot

Hi everyone! I have been a little  preoccupied the past few days. Mr Flowers visited!!!!

I worked on Monday, and after work we met at my house for dinner and relaxing by the TV. He drove 8 hrs by himself, and my third 12 hour shift, ended on a crazy hectic note. We needed some down time

The past few days have included walking Andrew to school while drinking coffee. I have converted another person to iced coffee 🙂

We both walked Andrew to school, and then he needed to work a bit each morning. He trades stocks, and luckily he can do that from home. I am interested in what he does for a living, but I only understand about 5% of it. haha

While he worked, I would do laundry, or just sit and read. Yesterday, after work was through, we both were on the couch reading. The quiet was so relaxing and comforting. It was absolutely perfect.

After working or reading for a few hours, we would head to lunch. Some places on our list: Mom’s deli and Rigazzis’, and (my families favorite) Joey B’s.

While driving around, I was able to show him a lot of places that mean a lot to me. My old gradeschool, where I used to lifeguard during the summer, and houses of family and friends. I loved being able to share all of that with him.

We also had a big task this week. Find a house to rent. Mr Flowers and his girls are moving to St Louis in the next ‘few months!! (I can’t contain my excitement) I know this might seem fast for some, but the feeling we have is hard to explain (especially on a blog). I feel that I have know him MUCH longer than a few months.

He has already stolen my heart. And that is not something I give away lightly. We are also very lucky to have family and friends that are very supportive. I think I talk about him nonstop to my family and friends. (I’m suprised they keep answering my calls haha)

Our main “to do” was completed! We found a house for him to rent. We would then pick up Andrew from school and got homework out of the way.

Another task: Introducing him to the family. Thats right. We had a family dinner at my house with my immediate family. I wasn’t really nervous for them to meet. I knew he would fit right in. But I could tell he was nervous.

most uninteresting table EVER haha

A few hours after dinner, ice cream, and letting the kids play, it was time for them to head home. I then received three texts messages saying that they really liked him, and they were so happy for me. (makes me tear up again just thinking about it)

Today, he had to head home. It was extremely tough to let him go. A few hours later, I found a note from him left on the frig. ❤

Mr Flowers will be back in two weeks, let the countdown begin……

Question for you:

Where do you take visitors when they come to your city or town?


8 thoughts on “Mr Flowers photo shoot”

  1. EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! (That was my squeal of excitement/happiness/giddiness for you)

    Pish posh with the question…
    Ok, fine I’ll answer it even though I’m infatuated with Mr. Flowers right now….

    I take them to Ocean City, NJ! What is a trip to the Jersey Shore without visiting the boardwalk ( for some Kohrs Brothers (, some Salt Water Taffy from Shriver’s (, and some Johnson’s popcorn ( If you we still have room, you can’t forget Rita’s Water Ice ( and Mac and Manco’s Pizza (!

    Ok, if you ever come visit, you better be really hungry 😛

    PS. Almost forgot about the Curly’s Fries (!
    Come really, really hungry.

  2. I think that angela and I “EEEEKKKKKKED” at the same time so you may have heard us!! Oh my GOODNESS!! And of course he must read your blog and is blushing right now, right? So he’ll be at the marathon? I will feel so lucky to meet him if so!

    Ok…to the question…first off, nobody visits us….who in their right mind would want to hang with 4 crazy girls, 2 insane dogs in south jersey?!?! So….if by chance we do happen to get any visitors, I am sending them with Angela for a “Tour of the Shore”!!

    Oh, and since you posted probably your most amazing post to date, I will totally forgive you for being quiet for a few days! Hugs to you…..

  3. It’s neat to finally see Mr. Flowers :). The pic of you guys is great too.

    As for me… I haven’t had too many people come to visit, but I make sure they see the Bridge, IOP beach, and usually have something tasty to eat because there are good restaurants here. It depends on the person mostly thought and what they’re into!

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