My poor tummy…..

Today, started with a phone call from work. I am on call. And I was being called in 😦

HELLLLOOOOOO 5:45 am!!!!! haha

I usually don’t mind too much. But yesterday I was feeling horrible! Working with other nurses, I immediately had several diagnosis’ about what was wrong with me based on my symptoms haha

I think I might have an idea. This week has been bad eating > than working out.

And now I am paying for it! Now, is a great reminder why I have been working out almost daily, and eating as clean as possible. I have even been staying away from bread and yogurt! Who knows if that is truly the case, but it hurts worse right after I eat and then calms down. Today I am going to do better πŸ™‚

First I started with my eggs, peppers, and sausage πŸ™‚

Mr Flowers knew I wasn’t feeling the best and offered to send my lunch at work (isn’t he sweet!) but I decided to stick with my spinach salad and watermelon to try and kick this in the butt! I didn’t have any stomach pain since this morning- WAHOOO!!!!

Now I will leave you with some funny ecards I have found recently! Enjoy!

Question for you:

Do you ever find that certain foods upset your stomach?

What are your plans this weekend?

Do you like ecards?

-Some of them are a little crude for me

7 thoughts on “My poor tummy…..”

  1. Oh, I KNOW that grains and dairy mess with my belly…I try to stay away, though sometimes, ice cream and plain greek yogurt just get in the way! LOL!
    This weekend consisted of a 10K mudrun, 4 girls soccer games, a BBQ on Sat…church, grass cutting and a 16 mile run on Sunday…
    Those e-cards are hysterical…I try to send them when I remember…though I’ve never found any quite as funny as those…as crude as the last one is, I laughed my tush off!!!

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