Clayton Art Fair

Great Weather in the 70s, perfect company, and amazing (and some crazy) art work lead to a great art fair.

On Sunday, they shut down some streets in Clayton. There was a street for food, several for all the art, and at least two different stages for the bands to play.

The place was really hopping, and then when we left at 1pm, it was packed!

At one point, we all took a break so the boys could rest their legs, and we listened to the music

I didn’t take pictures of the artwork, just because most of the artists are not as well known. Some even had signs not to take pictures.

But it was an amazing experience! And we all had a great time! Such a great time, we all needed a nap haha

Question for you:

What type of art do you like?

Do you have much art in your home?

-I don’t have any. I love pictures, but I dont like many modern day artwork


2 thoughts on “Clayton Art Fair”

  1. Its funny because I’m not a big art collector but I paint myself. Ha! I just enjoy the process. I don’t even have any of my own stuff hanging in my place! I enjoy the creative part but the perfectionist in me is never happy with the end result :\

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