My tummy makes a visit to the ER

Yesterday…oh brother. So many of you know from this post, that I have been having tummy issues. My ONLY symptom, is lower left pelvic pain. What could that be you ask? Only A BILLION things! haha.

Saturday, I had right back pain also (kidney infection?)  Sunday I was nauseous. (anything?) Monday I was awoken to HORRIBLE abdomen pain at 1am. (WTF!?!) After taking ibuprofen I was able to go back to sleep, and head to work. BIG MISTAKE. Around noon, I was bending over just to talk to the other nurses. (because that’s what made it feel better – DUH! haha)

Eventually, I realized I needed to they talked me into going to the emergency room.

I wasn’t happy to be there, but I knew that after four days, I needed answers. This just wasn’t because of the eating. Or if it was, I have never had THIS much trouble.

I was checked in pretty quickly, and changed into a lovely gown

They took some labs. And then I waited for an hour…

The doctor came in for about 60 seconds, and said I needed to get some blood work and if that was fine, I should be referred to a GI doctor. Then I waited another hour to get the blood drawn……

They drew blood, and started a normal saline IV drip. I had not eaten since 2pm, so I was glad to get some fluids. But surprising, I wasn’t that hungry

(500 ml/hr!!!!!! In the NICU, the highest ours will run on BIG babies is around 20!! crazy! haha)

I felt myself getting very tired. Having pain all day was taking a toll on my body and I was pretty much tightening all my abdomen and back muscles throughout the pain (hoping that would help!?!? good luck.)

I eventually watched The Proposal on my little ER tv. It made the time go by faster, and texting Mr Flowers.

Eventually, the labs came back. NORMAL!  (UMMMMM WHAT!) that didn’t make any sense. I finally was discharged at 9pm (4 hours after being admitted) And I headed to the nearest bread company for some soup!

today, I have been able to handle coffee, a popsicle, and a blueberry muffin. I also am in touch with a GI doctor, the next steps are still unknown.


Even though, I might be going through  a TINY bump in the road for me, I don’t forget 9/11. My problems are nowhere near the problems those families have faced over the past 11 years. And I will never forget that day.


Question for you:

Where were you when you found out about 9/11?

-I was in my highschool homeroom class. I had been in the towers only three months before on a trip with my cousins, aunt, and uncle.

10 thoughts on “My tummy makes a visit to the ER”

  1. Sorry you’re having tummy troubles! Hope you get some answers soon.

    I was pulling into my high school listening to the radio. I wasn’t really paying that much attention and didn’t really fully understand what was going on until I was in the building and the TVs were on.

  2. I hope the doctors figure out what’s wrong with your tummy! I hate seeing that you were in the hospital as a patient and all hopped up on meds.

    BTW thanks for posting that last sentence. I went to the doc today and found I have an ovarian cyst. I don’t know what’s up but you are right, things we go through are just tiny bumps in the road compared to those who lost loved ones on 9-11-01.

      1. Yeah, it’s crazy, I’ve never had any “down there” probs so this is unexpected. Turns out all the times I thought my tummy hated me, it was actually my left ovary =/.

  3. Feel better….I know that it is very stressing when there is something wrong and it can’t be figured out!

    Being older than you, I was already married, had a baby and another on the way…my hubs was at work, had dropped child #1 at daycare, I was at a job interview…when I got back into my car to call him to tell him about the interview, I couldn’t get through on the cell…all circuits were busy. So I turned on the radio and the somber words I heard I will never forget, “If you are not in front of a television, get there.” which was followed by a description of what was happening…I remember exactly where on the back road I was, on my way to work where my daughter was at daycare…when I got there, I remember just wanting to grab a hold of her and rock her…she was 13 mo old…we all spend the day keeping the kids as calm and “regular” as possible while their parents coped with the disaster…We stayed open all night…thanks for posting…as nothing compares to that day in my lifetime…

  4. Oh noes! I hope that a GI doctor can figure out what is going on (and that its nothing more serious that a GI doctor can’t help with!!)

    I was in high school during 9/11. We had first period and then homeroom so our student TV crew could get ready for the morning news. Well, they had seen what was happening and aired it all over the school without permission from the teachers. I saw the first plane hit before they cut it off. By third period, we were being held in our class rooms. My teacher thought it was BS that they were keeping us in the dark so he told us what was happening. At this point, they were arranging the buses to get all the kids home (from all 9 schools in the district, hence the 2 period delay) and I watched the rest on tv at home, in complete disbelief!


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