My tummy goes through testing

The past few days I have been either working, or prepping for tests I had today. Because of my stomach issues, I have been getting tests for this and that to try and figure out what is going on. The good thing- everything is normal. The bad thing- I have NO idea what happened.

So now, we will just wait and see whats next.

These armbands are becoming a fashion statement in our house….

My first meal after almost 48 hours!!! LOOOOVEEEE panera!

Walking  to get Andrew from school (I couldn’t drive today either)

Got this pretty picture on the way

A nice note, from a nice boy

me ❤ mom

I have an IV infiltrated/bruising, so Ive been alternating from ice, to a heat pack

thank goodness for green beans

Besides the IV problem, I had a good experience. I just hope I don’t have these tests for sometime…

Question for you:

– What would you get if you hadn’t eaten in 48 hours?

7 thoughts on “My tummy goes through testing”

  1. I would probably eat just about anything if I hadn’t eaten in that long, but I think you made a good choice :). I hope all the tests come out okay and the results are good, that the doctors know what’s going on!

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