Weekend Wedding

On Friday, Tabor and I headed to my friend Heather and Brian’s wedding at the Lemp Mansion here in St Louis. It was the PERFECT night for a wedding.

First, we dropped Andrew off at my parents, and of course we needed a “prom” picture haha

man. I look REALLY happy haha

Everyone taking their seats, the wedding is about to start

The bridesmaids. I either went to highschool and/or college with these ladies

The groomsmen. Don’t they look so nice?!?!

The bride! I met Heather in highschool and we were roomates in college sophomore year

Heather and Brian are absolutely perfect for each other

You may kiss the bride!

The newlyweds!!

Tabor and I

And then it was time to dance!!!

And LOTS of pictures took place……..

my cousin jill and I
my friend brad and I
freshman year roomies
finally caught up with the beautiful bride

Time to end the night 😦

The view from our room. The view of the Arch was incredible

Question for you:

Would you rather a fall or spring wedding?

Indoor wedding or outdoor?

– I LOVVE outdoor weddings. But you never know what the weather is going to do

5 thoughts on “Weekend Wedding”

  1. I like the pics :). We had an indoor spring wedding, weddings in the Fall tend to be hot here and we did indoor because you never know about the weather. The pics of you and Tabor are super cute, it’s nice to know his name instead of Mr. Flowers, haha :).

  2. We had an indoor wedding, however, our super old church didn’t have AC…our wedding was at 10am (so we could have a brunch reception) and it was 101 by 11am! I was melting for our pix! It was mid-July…ALWAYS the hottest week of the summer!
    Very nice pix of you and Mr. Flowers…I will still call him that…I think it’s super cute and I love the story behind it… call me nostalgic…I get to be since I am older… 😉 Glad you two had fun at the wedding. They are so much fun!

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