Wedding season #2

This weekend, I was honored to celebrate another friend’s wedding. I went to college with Ellen (the bride). She is one of the nicest, sweetest people that I know. Her wedding to Spencer, who I now am good friends with, was perfect for both of them!

Before the ceremony began

The bride and groom

You may kiss the bride

first dance

My cousin Jill and I

One side of the table

And then we danced the night away….

Question for you:

How did  you spend your weekend?

Weddings: Love or dislike them?

3 thoughts on “Wedding season #2”

  1. You are such a busy social girl! I enjoy weddings…especially if I know some of the guests (other than the bride and groom) Family weddings are my favorite, though I think we are out of those for a long while!

  2. I am weird about weddings. They can be fun but sometimes they aren’t. I’m just glad I had a good time at my own! I have a wedding on New Years Eve this year and I think that one will be fun because the bride is an amazing party planner and I know a lot of her friends (who are a fun bunch of people!). Oh, and the whole hotel room stay over thing. It’ll be great!

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