Workin’ in the Cold

My brothers are pretty awesome. Especially when they come over on their day off and help put up a screen door 🙂

I am one lucky sister


(scary Andrew in the window! haha)

I wanted the extra safety, to keep the hot/cold in or out, and it looks pretty spiffy!

My younger brother got to work…

While I helped, and also played “fishing” with Andrew

He had a blast playing the fish, and eating the foam fish off the end off the cardboard fishing pole

I was SOOO happy when it got up! It took a lot longer than I thought. Thank you Michael!!!!!!

Of course, we need a before and after!

Question for you:

Whats the temperature like there?

-It was 41 degrees this morning when Andrew and I got up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m officially an ice cube!


7 thoughts on “Workin’ in the Cold”

  1. I like the new door! I’m not sure what the temperature is here… probably low to mid 80s, feels hotter due to the humidity and the sun’s out. Just muggy here. Does look like it’s pretty chilly there though!

  2. It was chilly today…High of 55! It was a few degrees cooler than ideal this morning for my 20 miler….It was 47…but beautiful – not a cloud in the sky, lots of stars, the moon…(I started at 430am) no wind…compared to about an hour after finishing when it was 50 and rainy! LOVE the new door…and yes, your brothers are awesome!!!

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