Decorating w/ Mr Flowers and 3 kids

I absolutely love decorating, so when Mr Flowers and the girls came to visit, it was time to get ready for the Fall and Halloween!

This has become my favorite time of year

We started inside

This is a creepy crawling spider (he actually crawls down the wall….)

Then Mr Flowers and I started outside..

And this is what the kids did….

Mr flowers also took some great pictures (proof that I helped! haha)

My favorite part. We had these lights as kids

The finished product!

And its pretty scary at night….

Next up, pumpkins!

Question for you:

Do you decorate for Halloween?

9 thoughts on “Decorating w/ Mr Flowers and 3 kids”

  1. Looks great! We have few inside decorations, then with 4 kids, there are usually 4-6 carved pumpkins outside on the porch and the Halloween flag…BUT…this year, I told the kids I’m not decorating until they help clean up the house…Looks like the Tasmanian Devil came through…no one would even SEE the decorations if they were even out!

  2. Your decorations are super cute! We have some stuff up inside but not so much outside because we can’t do trick or treat (Clay has stuff to do and I coach that night, so no candy handing out this year, unfortunately). There is a scariest door contest going on at my apt. building though so it’s fun to walk the neighborhood and see the cool decorations. it’s neat you still have those lights like that too!

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