Getting ready for East coast visitors!

In just ONE day, Angela, Tiffany, and Rob will be here to run the marathon! (I think I’ve mentioned it a few times…..)

Only because I am So excited! The day started with a trip to Sam’s for groceries, and then yoga. I was STILL tight from my run a few days ago. (Hollie you were right, I NEED to stretch more!)

favorite pose. although Im STARTING to like downward dog

Then it was time for Trader Joe’s (just some of my things I picked up)

This looks much better

Yum pumpkin butter

Also started to get stuff together for the race. Charging the IPOD while listening to Stereo Hearts Radio on Pandora

I also just finished surrendering playing light sabers and guns with Andrew and two of his friends. I think I won…. haha

Tomorrow: deep cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, start crock pot dinner, go for a LIGHT run, there was something else….darn it. It will come to me haha

My new favorite song

Question for you:

Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods?

-Thats a tough one. I LOVE whole foods (its bigger) but trader joe’s is a better price

4 thoughts on “Getting ready for East coast visitors!”

  1. Trader Joe’s all the way! I like the small feel of it, when I lived in CA and went all the time, they got to know the regulars…I liked that.

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